New Discovery

I’ve been too busy to write down my thoughts down since I started this diary a week ago, mainly because school work overwhelmed me. Hopefully this week won’t be like that of last week. Anyway, while I was busy, I started to discover a new music; East African urban music. I’m amazed how little people know about this music. It’s even harder to find this music online. So far, I’ve found an album by Ousman Maregwa, The Rising Sun, but still unable to find the other two albums he released and Nyota Ndogo’s music except the song, “Chereko” which I can’t stop listening to …hehe. Oh by the way, I checked Nyota Ndogo’s blog and left a comment for her. She seems to be a decent person. Well, I’ve gotta 2 go to school now, so I’ll holla later!

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One thought on “New Discovery

  1. hmalik

    “hehe” well at least I got you to introduce me to this music. It sure is wonderful.

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