Dreary Weather

The weather was awful here in NC yesterday – most of the day it rained, and to make mattes worse, it was FUCKING COLD! After I braved through the weather and reached school, my first class was canceled and the notice was posted on the wrong class door. After standing there like 5 minutes, I read the notice on the door I was standing next to, which was not our class. As it happens, it was intended for us to read. I think the confusion was born out of the fact that they mixed up room assignments for teachers at the beginning of school year, and didn’t fix that problem still. Either way, it gave me a chance to finish reading for the class’s material in the library. After leaving my last class, I took some pics because I love rain! I know rain is destroying back home Somalia and part of Kenya which is populated mostly by Somalis; just read that on the BBC website. It’s quite ironic that people are dying due to the drought, and after the rain comes, people are dying from the flood. Allah knows best.

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2 thoughts on “Dreary Weather

  1. Nomad

    ha, I guess this is your first comment. Ok, I like your blog and you take some pretty good pictures.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of you.

    Hey, be sure to join the somali blogging community at http://www.somaliblogs.blogspot.com

  2. hmalik

    lol, didn’t know you use to curse like this. in Capital letters too haha. But again nice pictures. Is that in front of the student service building.

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