Stressful week

I haven’t posted anything lately because it has been really stressful week for me as I have been working mad crazy on a lot of papers and projects for school. I did a paper for Monday, a project for Tuesday, an essay and math lab for Thursday, so today is basically the only day I don’t have anything due. Next week I have a huge research paper, which would basically determine my grade for Western Civilization II class. Although I’ve been busy with school work, I’ve been keeping up with the news. Ethiopia is declaring war on Somalia, what a joke. Meles Zenawi is a jackass. Today I went to the Masjid for Salat’ul Duhr since I had a late class in the afternoon and was at home anyway, but when I got to the Masjid, there was a casket near the Imam. After the salat was over, the Imam explained who died: a young brother in his late teen, early twenties. He was fine few weeks ago and all the sudden he died. It just shows how we shouldn’t take our lives for grant because we will all die one day. Anyway, I stayed for the janaza, but was unable to go to the cemetery for the burial. I’m still trying to find out who he was – I may have seen him before, but either way, my Allah grant his mercy to him and forgive all of us. I’m gonna go back to working on my paper that’s due tomorrow. Laters.

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2 thoughts on “Stressful week

  1. SleepDepraved

    Innalilahi wainaileyna rajicuun. Its death on swift swings that always catches us by suprises.

  2. Om

    Indeed, and may Allah have mercy on his soul, and guide all of us – Aamin.

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