My Life Story….written by ME!

Last night I’m watching Chappelle’s Show and there was this sketch about that movie Antwone Fisher and Dave raised a very good question: Should people write their own life story? I mean, wouldn’t people try to lie and embellish their story just a “little” too much? This reminds me of that Million Little Pieces fiasco with Oprah. And I don’t think people will stop trying, so here’s the solution I offer: Don’t let anyone write their autobiography in any form so hopefully this will sort out things.

Lastly, I don’t want to ignore the importance of today – if you didn’t know, today is World HIV/AIDS Day. This disease is the modern day Bubonic plague, but many people don’t take this serious by having unprotected sex and sharing needles etc. I hope everyone will recognize the need to combat this disease from inside i.e. change our attitude towards this disease otherwise, millions and millions of people will continue to perish.

Look at the numbers of Sub-Saharan Africa – mind boggling 25 million people living with HIV!

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4 thoughts on “My Life Story….written by ME!

  1. Aya

    Funny you should mention ‘A Million Little Pieces’. I was debating a friend on the demise of the fictional novel in a time of autobiographies and self-help books. Would the author of the book have lied and embellished so much if the novel was picked up as the work of fiction it was? Apparently, he couldn’t get a publisher for the fiction version but did once it was changed to a life story. Have we turned into a voyeuristic bunch with no imagination?

  2. Om

    Aya, I think the problem lies with the Publishers because they decided not to do a single background check on some of his accounts, like the rehab story, which should not have been hard at all or his arrest record. But the true problem is that the entertainment and publishing industry are only interested in what works i.e. the bottom line. Haven’t you noticed every Halloween, there’s a new “Saw” movie? Or “National Lamboons” and so on. The Publishing industry is also doing exactly the same thing as Hollywood by publishing those mindless “self-help” guides and “Chick Lit” i.e. Kaavya Viswanathan’s “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life.” As they say, it’s all about “feeding the beast”!

  3. Aya

    Indeed. Poor publishing and editing practices led to that mess with the novel. If a story doesn’t have wide appeal for the 15-34 demo or isn’t ‘high concept’, a euphemism for fastfood ideas, it will not see the light, no matter the medium. Sequels, remakes, pop novels, and celebrity books are truly the business vision for the arts, or the ‘bottomline’ as you’ve pointed. What else could one expect from GE or Viacom.

    Didn’t Viswanathan have the book deal and movie offer both withdrawn for plagiarizing entire paragraphs from an early 90s novel? What a mess!

  4. Om

    Your right, they withdrew it from the shelves although they published it. But still, she got paid.

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