My Geeky Side….lol

This morning I was woken up by my uncle around 11:30 which usually is my wake up time for weekdays, but Weekends? Hell No! I was in the middle of a lovely dream and the next thing I hear is his voice calling and within 5 seconds, he’s standing above my bed and softly touching my shoulder to disrupt my dream – I hate being waken up and I hate waken people up! Anyway, he tells me that there is this brother from St. Louis who’s having trouble with his laptop – a very expensive Sony Vaio that infected with spyware and adware and virus and trojan horses etc. The poor guy is a truck driver/businessman and the laptop makes his life a lot easier. Anyway, I first tried to restore it to an earlier date wishing it would fix the problem, but is was not to be. So I tried to reboot, but his PC didn’t come with a Restoration CD, so I improvised by calling my nerdy friend – he always has some kind of solution to every tech. problems – anyway, he tells me that he has a Dell Win. XP and if I use that CD and enter the laptop’s product key, it should work. So I went to his house and picked up the CD and re-installed a new Win. XP system into the laptop and set up his PC Card and Wireless network, finishing around 5pm. Although this stopped me from doing my school work, at the end, I felt really good. Ah. Now I can go back to my routine Weekends!

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3 thoughts on “My Geeky Side….lol

  1. Sam

    You’re lucky that CD had all the required drivers to go with the brother’s hardware. I had to perform the same procedure for a friend last night and unfortunately the CD he had was missing the multimedia/audio controller driver…and here I am searching online for it.

  2. Firefly

    That was very nice of you, Om.

  3. Om

    Your right Sam, the CD was intended for Win. XP based “re-installation” of Win. XP. But the brother still has to get a new Product Key because Microsoft wants him to get a new Product Key within 30 days, otherwise it won’t work after the 30 days.

    Firefly, thank you – I’m glad I did it too.

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