Obsessed with Ousman

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m listening to music more than usual. Not all music, just one particular album: Ousman’s “The Rising Sun,” an East-African Urban genre. Ninety percent of the time, I only listen to podcasts, most of them from either the BBC or NPR/PRI, but lately I’m listening to this album so often that I’ve bunch of unlistened podcasts. I usually lose interest in music if I listen to it more than twice, but I’m getting obsessed with Ousman! The beat and lyrics of this album are the most addictive music I’ve ever listened to. However, now I’m starting to really get into East African music, especially Kenyan and Tanzanian Urban. What’s so frustrating about this new discovery in music taste is that it’s very hard to find these music online or in the stores in the U.S. Next time I go to the Horn, I’ll definitely go to Mombasa, Nairobi and Dar-E-Salam to get my hands on this overlooked music. But for now, Ousman is keeping me fed…lol.

I highly recommend this album! Just listen to the teasers here and I promise you’ll be hooked.

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9 thoughts on “Obsessed with Ousman

  1. SleepDepraved

    Do you understand kiswahili? There are plenty of spots you can get east african music and usually performers come to US. Atlanta has a huge populace of kenyans so befriend one and i am sure you will find the hub of the music. Mr lenny was here last weekend. Too bad I grew out of that age. My collection lays gathering dust.

  2. Om

    I understand very little Swahili, but I’m only interested in East-African Urban or Afropop, like Ousman and Nyota Ndogo. Ousman mostly sings in English which is nice, but Nyota Ndogo is completely Swahili especially that Mombasan “Swahili.” Anyway, do you have Ousman’s earlier albums or some of these East African Urban music? I’d appreciate if I could get my hands on some of these!

  3. Sista corner

    I like music from east africa….so homey dont u find. Like it sings who you are u know. I dont really relate much to western music cos of the culture…will only listen for if i can relate by experience or something. Well most of the time.

  4. Om

    Good point Sista, I think that’s the reason why I’m going back to my roots. I’ve tried Western music, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t relate to me.

  5. Firefly

    Thank you for posting the link. I listened to the samples and I loved them. Will get the album.

  6. Om

    Your Welcome, Firefly. I still can’t stop listening to that album. The only place you can find the full album online is http://www.emusic.com/album/10895/10895089.html

    What you think of the “Sheeko” song?

  7. Firefly

    ^ I really liked it. I thought it was a Somali song at first!

  8. Rant's of an angry somali man

    usiki zimenibamba style ingine tu….ousmane i hadn’t listened to the whole album!….thanx…

  9. Om

    angry man, your welcome.

    Firefly, I thought the same thing too! Doesn’t he say Somalileeyo in the song?

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