UIC my ass

The Unions of Islamic Courts in Somalia aren’t cute anymore. The honeymoon period is over, at least for me. I officially don’t like them anymore. I consider myself to be a somewhat devout Muslim, but the UIC have really pissed me off. Few days ago, they went to Diinsoor, perhaps the most peaceful place in all of South Somalia in the last 15 years and started whipping people for leaving the town to travel other cities and coming back to their home. Now what the fuck is their problem? I probably wouldn’t have cared as much if they whipped someone else, but this actually happened to my uncle (mother’s side) few days ago. My uncle left Diinsoor in search of a lost boy, who is mildly retarded, but when my uncle came back to the city with the found boy, he was stopped by the UIC at the outskirt of Diinsoor and started interrogating him for leaving the city (and accusing him of spying for the Transitional Fed. Gov. in Baidoa), which is absurd because my uncle doesn’t even like the TFG and rarely travels to Baidoa. At this point, my uncle stops cooperating with them, so they assume he is a spy and start whipping him on the spot. Now, I’m not a scholar of the Sharia, but I’m certain Islam does not allow the whipping of someone without a freaking evidence! These assholes want to impose their perverted view of Islam to the rest of Somalia. I even read in the AP that there was another town in Somalia which they decreed beheading for people who do not pray—now what the FUCK is this? The Soviet Union? Don’t they see that they’re becoming another Talibans? Why do radicals always seem to get power everywhere in the world? UHHHHH!

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5 thoughts on “UIC my ass

  1. Aya

    What was done to your uncle is criminal! No one can be judge, jury and executioner at once, and certainly without evidence or giving people the chance to reject the accusation and defend themselves. I think the courts, despite professing to be one entity, are not as monolithic as they seem. Many unsavoury elements are hiding under their short trousers. I’m not a big fan, either, and never have been. In fact, I am opposed to all religious parties. But I think the prayers thing is propaganda.

    “Why do radicals always seem to get power everywhere in the world?”

    I think it is the allure of power that brings out extremes out of the power-hungry. No matter the cloak they use (in this case, Islam), people vying for power and control will stop at nothing till they reach it.

  2. Flower.of.Chaos

    The UIC is slowly loosing my support too. Their strict adherence to the penal Islamic code and lack of foresight will make people exasperated in no time. That’s simply not how you operate in today’s world – whip people into line. Its been tried and failed and this will not be any different.

  3. Om

    I agree with you Aya, there are many unsavory elements in their midst, but how long are we going to say, “oh, those maniacs aren’t really the UIC”? At some point, the UIC have to get its acts together and start behaving like a Court . If they continue on this path, I have no doubt they will earn the loathing of Somalis, just like those Warlords they banished.

    Flower of chaos, you hit the nail on the head!

  4. wasmaniac

    I am sure they could have done somethings better…but if u say they have lost ur support, whom then do you support? Does it mean you want a return to anarchy? They mess but they are human…and they are the better option.

  5. Om

    Wasmaniac, for now, I’m neutral until the UIC becomes a responsible organization that follows the true Sharia and gives justice to everyone in Somalia, not just to those who agree with them.

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