Exam Week

It’s that time of the year again. The dreaded exam week, well, at least for school people. I have three crazy exams before the end of Thursday. Right now I’m extremely tired and leaning towards sleeping rather than studying tonight. My Political Science professor hasn’t provided us with any study guide, but expects us to study 6 chapters spread throughout the whole semester. Sigh.

Any study tips for me, fellow bloggers?

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9 thoughts on “Exam Week

  1. Amirah

    Salamz bro.
    insha’allah you’ll do well just remember to make du’a and to study hard. Allah makes everything possible and insha’allah, allah will make your examz easy for you. i know how i felt when it was exam time, and it wasn’t a good feeling :-(.
    just make the du’as below and insha’allah it will be ok.


    O Allah! Make useful for me what You taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me.

    O Allah! I ask You for the understanding of the prophets and the memory of the messengers, and those nearest to You.

    O Allah! Make my tongue full of
    Your remembrance, and my heart with
    consciousness of You.

    (O Allah!) You do whatever You wish, and You are my Availer and Protector and the best of aid.


    O Allah! I entrust You with what I
    have read and I have studied.
    (O Allah!) Bring it back to me when
    hagati elayhi. I am in need of it.
    (O Allah!) You do whatever You wish, and You are my Availer and
    Protector and the best of aid.


    O Allah! Nothing is easy except what You have made easy. If You wish, You can make the difficult easy.


  2. Om

    Sister Amirah, I am most grateful to you for this invaluable Du’a you’ve told me, and I will make sure to make a use of it. My Allah reward you for this.

  3. Aya

    Best of luck, om! I’m not sure that there is much to do right before the exams but you would do well with some solid sleep (no matter the number of hours). I know it’s easy for non-students to say but the brain is a funny thing and has this uncanny ability to produce little when exhausted. A little anxiety is good but lots coupled with fatigue leads to a diminishing return.

  4. Amirah

    Wa Iyyaki brother om, let me know how it all turns out for you.

  5. Amirah

    Salamz bro just saw your other comment.
    Have you considered taking middle eastern orientated political science papers, they are really interesting. Psychology is a great subject, I enjoy the mental side (don’t ask why). I think that you should really continue with that if you’re interested in it. I am also taking a couple of comparative religion papers and they are every interesting, especially when your dealing with how the modern world views religion and terrorism as being the same thing. What areas interest you though?

  6. Om

    Sr. Amirah, your absolutely right, Psych. is extremely interesting especially the mental aspect of it. The brain is so fascinating to me, but I don’t think I’ll be good at it. Oh yes, I did take world religion class, but it wasn’t comparative at all. Since I’m majoring in International Relations I’m sure I’ll be required to take comparative studies, although I wanted to concentrate on African Studies in Political Science courses. Few weeks ago, I decided to do my foreign language requirement in Arabic (since I can already read and write it) instead of Spanish, so I’m sure Middle Eastern comparative studies course will come in hand.

    What are you studying, Sr. Amirah?

    – Salaam.

  7. Amirah

    Bro at the moment im planning to doing a double degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Comparative religious studies, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. But i can also tie psychology into the BA degree, so im still undecided, but hey its first year.

    I think that you should really go for Arabic who knows you might become a professor in it.

  8. Om

    Sr. Amirah, that’s fantastic! I hope it will go smoothly for you. Have you thought about getting a Masters degree in one of them rather than studying both simultaneously. Thankfully, you have plenty of time to decide!

    I’m somewhat undecided whether to major Arabic as a minor or get Masters in Public Administration. I’ll make Salatul Istakhara when the time arrives. You should do that as well. Salaam.

  9. Amirah

    Insha’allah bro it will go smoothly for all of us, i have prayed Salatul Istakhara and i have decided to do my masters in Political science. Public Administration sounds nice,but it all really depends on the job that you want in the future insha’allah. If you know how to read and write arabic then you can carry on with at any time. But insha’allah allah will make it easy for you, and what every it is may it be beneficial for you and the Muslims at large.

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