My Weekly Roundup

It’s been quite a busy week for me, and I’m ready for my two week break. Shukran to my fellow bloggers who have wished me (and gave me some awesome tips/Du’as) good luck with my exams.

Anyway, it has also been an interesting week for news as well.

The Horn is heading what will be called an “all-out war” as the UIC and Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government, along with Abdullahi Yusef’s friends (hint, hint). I honestly believe the day Ethiopia stops interfering with Somali affairs will be the day Somali becomes peace-land.

Health news: A new study says heterosexual men who are circumcised are 50% less likely to acquire the HIV virus. Ok, we all know that circumcision is good for men’s health otherwise Allah wouldn’t have required on both Jews and Muslims. What pisses me off is the fact that this publicity will encourage a lot of people, especially stupid ones, to engage in risky sexual behaviors. Now tell me, what’s the benefit of this study when it’s defeating its own purpose? By the way, there’s a funny name in this story. I won’t reveal it here. It’s subtle, but you’ll laugh your butt off once you get it.

The most hopeful story of the week goes to – Forbidden Love, Somali style. I can’t say enough how much I love this story. I hope this is the path Somali is heading; at least the following of Islam that teaches everyone is equal in front of Allah on the day of judgment, so we can finally stop putting down and demeaning our fellow Muslims/Somalis.

Finally, I say goodbye to Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary General, after 10-years run at the U.N. Well, I have to confess: my dream is to one day be the U.N. Secretary General, Insha’Allah. Perhaps I may be the next African to hold this position? I mean, the last Asian Secretary was 30-years ago (Ban Ki-moon of South Korea is taking over from Kofi), so probably there won’t be an African U.N. S. General for another 30-years?

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7 thoughts on “My Weekly Roundup

  1. wasmaniac

    i never knew that there was a caste system among us somalis…but maybe its coz i am kenyan born and bred. How bad is it?

  2. Om

    Wasmaniac, It’s quite bad. In fact, it’s so bad that if a “higher” clan person marries a “lower” clan person i.e. Yahar, Midgan etc. the “higher” clan person will be disowned by all of his family and friends. Let’s just say that life would be hard for those couple in Somalia. And the funny thing is that, most these so-called “low clan” Somalis are far better looking in terms of appearance compare to most Somalis. It’s a pure racism, basically.

  3. The Rendezvous

    I thought we also have those caste system in Kenya..

    I was pissed off to find a cousin of mine who refused a very cute woman from the Dhulbahaante class..

    Ati coz of a “controversial” story linked to them..

  4. Om

    Rendezvous, It’s pathetic to see how low people are willing to go to preserve this perverted practice amongst Somalis everywhere.

  5. wasmaniac

    Caste system in kenya…? I dont think so. I have heard of people discriminating against Ajuran and garreh communities but surely, that is because they speak Borana and claim to be somalis, not as a result of hatred towards them…

    These dhulbahaante story, what is it?!

  6. Nomad

    how did the exams go?

    what do you think of the new UN secretary general? – They say that he’s not “in touch” with the world outside Asia, I don’t know.

  7. Om

    Nomad, Alhamdullilah, my exams went well. I can’t complain! Did you have yours or is it in January over there?

    – I think it’s too early to know what the new U.N. S.G. really wants to accomplish. He hasn’t really given any sign so far, but he said he wants to “reform” the U.N. itself – to make it more efficient. I think that’s a good sign because we’ve seen the U.N. fail everywhere they’ve gone to, so hopefully an efficient U.N. will be good for the world, albeit small one.

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