The Horn

For the very first time on this blog, today I’m not really happy to write this post, mainly as a result of what’s going on in the Horn. As I wrote about this very particular issue last week, Ethiopia should stay the hell away from Somali affairs. I just don’t understand why would someone invite his enemy to his homeland to destroy and obliterate his country and its people? Somalis are the stupidest people in the world.

Before I get any angry letters, please think deeply about what I’m saying: Would you call your arch nemesis to your country and ask him to destroy it for you?

I don’t care how much I disagree/hate my fellow countrymen, but I NEVER EVER will ask any outside entity, much less than my biggest enemy in the world, to come my country and destroy it for me. What the assholes in Baidoa are doing is nothing less than treason.

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6 thoughts on “The Horn

  1. Amirah

    Bro I second everything that you have just said, to make the situation even worse they called non-Muslims to help them destroy not our country but also our people. When will we learn to solve our own problems with out turning to non-Muslims for help and without killing each other? When will we as Somalis learn our lesson and rebuild our country.

  2. Aya

    Such is the nature of politics, I presume. It is dirty business. It also means that a group identity, Somali, clan, muslim, or a combination thereof will always be trumped by power interests. We are not really one group. If we were, our civil divisions would have healed some time ago.

    These very divisions allow the US, the arab world and the Ethiopians to meddle in our affairs and block any attempts at nation building.

    Nationalism is an opiate for the common man, only a degree higher than clannism. I am livid at the xabash invasion of our sovereign land, but no more than when we were killing our own.

  3. Om

    It would’ve been great for Somali to experience Nationalism at any point since 1990, perhaps it had that briefly in Oct. 1993, but that as you mention, Aya, was for clan interest. Furthermore, that was the best hope for Somali to get its act together, but as we’ve shown to the world that infamous “Black Hawk Down” incident, we are absolutely incapable of uniting behind a good cause because there are some people amongst us who will achieve their pathetic little interest at any cost, even if that means ruining the lives of millions of fellow Somalis. I’m not livid at what’s going on in the Horn today; I’m disgusted at our unending division, just as I have been disgusted at tribalism. At least, today, we have a chance to unite behind a Just cause: Islam, our only true hope for Nationalism.

    Sis. Amirah, I think we will be in this state as long as we don’t have a Just cause to unite behind – Islam is the only hope that could unite us and rebuild our country and its people.

  4. Nomad

    We all know that Abdullahi Yusuf and Ethiopia have a history together. So, it isn’t a surprise that he is the president who betrayed Somalia.

    Then again it is somewhat understandable, the UIC held a knife under his throat and were ready to use it, he did what he thought would save his life. Nonetheless, if Ethiopia succeeds in bringing down these “terrorists”, they won’t leave Somalia and they will for sure indirectly rule the Horn.

    I think whatever happens will have grave impact on our lives in the longrun.

    One last thing, although this comment turned out to be a bit long 🙂

    It seems as though everything is black or white in the Somali communities; the followers of TFG say you’re either with us or you’re against us, whereas the UIC says you’re either with us or you’re kaafir/munafiq/whatever. Whoever expresses criticism towards either group is marked as terrorist or unpatriotic.

    Somalis really make it hard for a person to voice any form of scepticism.

  5. Amirah

    Bro. Om your right but in order for Islam to truly unite us, we have to overcome the tribalistic instinct that plagues most Somalis. Unless we do that we’re gonna keep going down the same track of doom. May Allah help our people.

  6. Om

    Sis. Amirah, I’m afraid your prediction has already manifested itself in Somalia at this very moment(:-\

    I say this because it’s been reported that all the warlords have come back to Muqdisho with more artillery and firepower supplied by that son of a bitch Zenawi and have already started checkpoints all over the ‘Dish to shakedown the residents. It seems that old habits never go away amongst these bastards.

    Now a lot of people will realize what a great job the UIC did in Muqdisho during their 6-month in power, but unfortunately, no one else(I really hope this won’t be true) can replicate their success in bring law and order to Somalia. That my dear, would be a magnificent tragedy.

    Allaah Knows Best,

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