Bullshit Science

I have never been a fan of science. I am not particularly good or bad at it. My grades in science courses are average and have always been that way. However, I recently signed up for a Geology course, which used to be called Earth Science back in high school. I did OK in that one, so I decided this semester to replace my natural science requirement from Biology to Geology rather than wait until I’m junior or senior.

To me, Geology was the same as the Earth Science class I took in high school, so nothing new. But as the professor started her lecture, it was apparent that I wasn’t in a Geology class, but in a bullshit science class. I mean, why is a Geologist lecturing about the creation of the Universe, the Moon, the Sun and so? And how the fuck did they figure out that the Universe is 12-15 Billion yeas old? Yeah right, they’re FUCKING THEORIES!

My point is, if your going to lecture about things that you say is a “theory,” then don’t bullshit us and waste our time because the last time I checked, theories have to been proven before they can presented as “higher education” worthy material. Bullshit.

Anyway, why is a Geologist lecturing about how the universe, the moon, the galaxies, etc. were created? Isn’t that the Astrophysicist’s job?

And the so-called “intellectuals” in the West are nothing but a bunch of bullshitters. Especially the scientist. OK, not all scientists, but “scientists” who digged few caves, excavated few skeletons should not bullshit us because these assholes can’t even give credit to their Creator for His magnificent creation. Or is it politically incorrect to admit that God is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and everything in between them? Are we too dumbfucks to take these pseudo-scientists assholes serious?

Big Bang Theory. Bullshit.
Evolution. Bullshit.

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24 thoughts on “Bullshit Science

  1. Nomad

    Hei, come on, don’t diss us (wannabe) astrophysics. I love astronomy. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Islam supports the Big Bang. In the Qur’aan it says that Allah created the universe from a cloud(I’m not quoting directly). Recently scientists found out that the universe used to be a cloud-like ball consisting of star dust and gas. Subhanallah.

    Besides Allah says that he created seven heavens. The universe might be the first of them.

  2. Aya

    You reminded me of a physical anthropology class I took as a junior and the laughable materials presented as evidence. Luckily, my professor taught and researched for 40 years and was both suspicious and open-minded enough to give some of the evidence and ‘theories’ their just weight.

    Even as a math student, I ended up enjoying the science and science fiction of it all and understanding that people who are ridiculed now for their thoughts tend to push knowledge just a wee bit in the right direction. Even when perfectly wrong.

    The task of figuring out the universe is vast and complicated enough and is not helped by either certainty in theories or simply deferring to the creator. Theories from a cave, a bone and a rock are sometimes all that is available. I wouldn’t take it as a slight against God, despite the foolishness of some scientists. Many see God in the wonder. God himself must find our blind monkey leading other blind monkeys amusing.

    Cheerup, enjoy the science, fiction and all!

  3. Om


    I am not dissing the Astrophysicists, that’s why I want to hear from them, not a GEOLOGIST! I think it’s absurd to claim that the universe is 12-15 billion years old and the Earth is 4.5 billion years old – how precise, huh? Oh yeah, I looked up and the Qur’an does not validate this absurd Big Bang Theory, but of course the Qur’an says that the Universe was created by Allah, as where these scientists don’t even bother to mention there’s a higher being that created the Universe. I “may” take these scientist a little serious if they start to say that the Universe is created by God; until then, they’re jokers to me. Plus, most of these scientists are Atheist.

  4. Nomad

    “the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit, before We clove them asunder” (21:30)

    “turned to the sky, and it had been (as) smoke. He said to it and to the earth: ‘Come together, willingly or unwillingly.’ They said: ‘We come (together) in willing obedience'” (41:11)

    “It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon; all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its rounded course” (21:33)

    “The heavens, We have built them with power. And verily, We are expanding it” (51:47)

    These verses speak of big bang, the universe expanding and the moon going in an orbit. I say subhanallah, subhanallah indeed!

  5. wasmaniac

    The big bang isnt taught as a fact, so you dont have to belive them, but its important that you know their opinion and view of how the universe was formed. You could reserch and give us your own view of how the universe or anything else works instead of rubishing their work just because they dont belive in God. I think that such opinions is what is derailing development in the islamic world.

  6. Om


    Exactly! These Ayahs are prove that Allah created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between them, but I haven’t seen or heard any of these scientists, such as James Hutton, to conclude that there’s a higher power that’s behind the creations of the Heavens and Earth, not just some dust and rotating cloud eventually created the Universe. Anyway, what’s the point in speculating how Allah created the Universe, especially when it’s really complicated? Although I think you should be pissed at Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson for dropping Pluto from planet hood!


    I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but here in the U.S., a lot of teachers blur the line between a “theory” and a “fact” when it comes to the Big Bang and the Evolution Theories. For one, my professor was presenting this theory as a fact to me – that’s why I’m pissed. She could’ve said at any point during her lecture that “students, this is just a ONE BIG THEORY, so don’t take it as a fact”! And no, I am in no position to give my opinion as a scientific prove because I am not an Astrophysicist, but I do have the right to call them as I see them – bullshit. And Wasmaniac, you don’t have to take a shot at the whole Muslim world – it’s quite unfair to insinuate that the Islamic world is underdeveloped (intellectually) because you assumed that the Islamic world has the same opinion as mine. Although I’m saying these theories are bullshit, I’m still giving them the benefit of doubt by taking a freaking Geology class, which means I’m open-minded enough to let them teach me these bullshit theories. Also, keep in mind that it’s important to question these “theories” relentlessly to make them better, not rubbish their work. I just don’t like being bullshitted, neither should you.

    Oh yeah, I don’t want to learn how the Universe was created from Atheists.

  7. slavo

    of course is bullshit,
    religion is bullshit

    we dont need stupid fuckin theories we need to improve life here on earth
    who wants to???
    hehehehehe nobody guys theres just a few 🙂

    911 was a big show up of real criminals and opportunity to arrest em
    and for you in africa, dont you know aids was staged?
    how come in africa there was no epicentre of disease and it suddenly appeared everywhere?
    ehm fuck it anyway, whos doin anyhting about it?

    so fuck it, im just gonna live a good life and fuck all other idiots,
    self proclaimed heros 🙂

  8. Tazarta

    First, I’d like to say that these scientists never said that it was fact. there are alot of different theories (one involving earth being under 10,000 years old (rapid decompression theory or somethign with similar names)). Second i’d like to know why you give a shit why your geology teacher is teaching astrophysics (it’s not like many schools have a fucking astrophysics teacher) atleast your learning something, even if you think that it’s all bullshit.

    I’d also like to say i don’t support the big bang theory (the thought that EVERYTHING was created from 2 particles(which were magically there (what created them?) magically got sub-atomically accelerated to collide and then expand, endlessly?)) but i don’t know how you can even begin to say this is wrong when you believe in god. Your just like the rest of them, you’ve been brought up to believe it, without proof, without meaning and even thought it has PROOF against the stories of god and his magical apples (thanks eve you bitch) you still try to prove us all wrong. Now ofcourse nearly every old civilization had there own gods, and civilizations today have thier other gods. but you still believe that yours is real and their’s was fake without a hint of proof. infact, according to you god (who came from nowere) whipped out from his ass a magical wand and wen’t *POOF* let their be humans. And so on so forth until Adam an Eve went ultra incest and made us all.

    And i hope last, you said evolution is wrong yes? well that is another thing that has been fully PROOVED. for one we share the same chromosomes as monkey (with the execption of 2 which have fused), two a certain species of mole has developed skin over it’s eyes WITHIN the human life (the skin is to protect and because the moles do not come above surface anymore, so they never see anyway) and finally proof through Viral DNA (i advise you search it up).

  9. Om


    First of, welcome to this neglected blog and I appreciate what you have to share; it doesn’t matter whether I agree or disagree with your points.

    Now, as I said, everyone has an expertise in a particular field; the reason why I was infuriated was that geology and astrophysics were being taught as if they have anything to do with each other. Granted, I did learn something but at the time it didn’t make sense. However, I still think as you said, this whole big bang theory and how it came to being is all bullshit.

    On the religion front, I take offense to your suggestion that I have been ‘brought to believe without proof or meaning’ in religion just because I happen to think that there is a Supreme Creator and my life has a purpose and meaning. You can certainly disagree and this fact alone that you think no such thing as God exists while I believe the opposite is in fact a proof that there is a Supreme Creator that let’s us make our own decisions and actions.

    I think evolution allows us to explain certain things in a scientific approach to the extent that science can explain anything. You know that science doesn’t have an answer for everything; it has its limits. What I find interesting is that by single blindly believing in evolution as everything that explains the world, you are now ‘worshipping’ evolution (I’m sure you will disagree but that’s what it is). I believe in God because I realize that science does not explain everything or for that matter explain all the important questions in life.

    If evolution and science were the only explanation to life and its mystery, then we surely wouldn’t be having this discussion at all, would we? I don’t reject science at all but I also see its limitation.

  10. Tazarta

    I don’t want to expand much on this because we obviously both have strong opinions, but i’d like to leave you with two short arguments.

    First, you say I worship evolution blindy. I’ll roll with that partially and say I do worship it for times sake. But I do not do this entirely blindy. The fact remains that even you, with the right equipment, could zoom in on the nucleus of a cell and spot the DNA. The DNA, constantly striving to improve on itself, is what controls our body. From our hair growth to our eye color. And the DNA (yes this is fact as far as i have been shown) Has the ability to grow, replicate and change. Welcome evolution.

    Secondly, I’ll leave this about the religion side of things. I read this a long time ago and have failed to find a better argument in a paragraph.

    When you figure out why you do not believe in any other gods from other civilizations then, and only then, will you realise why i do not believe in yours. (assuming you don’t believe in other gods eg. Greek God Morpheus, God of dreams)

  11. Om

    From what I can deduct in your comments, you perhaps believe that people who believe in God or any kind of a deity are essentially stupid because you believe science has explained everything already and religion has no basis in a human’s life. Have you thought about perhaps the same reasons that you hold against religion can also be used against science?

    Do you really believe your DNA originated from a Stromolite bacteria in Australia? I’m sure an intelligent person can make a compelling argument against that.

  12. Tazarta

    Again I think two points can sum this one up, first I don’t believe you are stupid, I believe that you have proved that religious people are not stupid (unlike the normal explosions of useless “you dickhead/noob”‘s that you get from some online arguments)
    (another thing is religous people are just like atheist’s but we don’t agree on one thing. who would I be to say religious people are dumb) and I think science has definatly not discovered everything but atleast were working our way to try and make life make sense.
    God may be your idea of sense but I think that is, to use one word, odd. (that will be used against me somehow i bet)
    Secondly, I havn’t heard the one about Stromolite bacteria, if that were true then everything evolved from that bacteria and you could say that I believe this bacteria is god. My god did create everything and there is proof he is real. Also, you said you believe an intelligent person could make an argument about this one thing creating all life. Isn’t that why we are here.
    P.S. I noticed you skipped my last argument. You deny the other gods are real. You are in essence like me, just perhaps veiwing life from a different road.

  13. Om

    The funny thing is, someone speaking from my point of view would say exactly the same thing about you having science as your God: odd. But I’m not because I think there are more people who have said that before and I don’t think that will advance this discussion if we just start with the assumption of ‘my believe is better’ than yours.

    I didn’t skip your last argument on the preview post on purpose because I was short on time, so let me address it now. I don’t deny other gods exist, I just happen to not believe in them; which is by the way different than your view of all religion. Just because I don’t agree with a Hindu worshipping Lord Vishnu, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a respect for him or his values. I will not ask him or her to provide me with a scientific “evidence” in order to validate my view of the world. As I said before, which you admit yourself, science has its limitation after all.

    The problem, I noticed, of many atheist/agnostics these days is that anyone who does not subscribe to science as their primary believe system is somehow less intelligent or inhuman. I believe my God created the Stromolite bacteria and all of its subsequent evolution, but I don’t believe a living thing like human and animals came from that. I’m sure it’s hard for you to understand how can I not reject the Supremeness of God outright if I’m admitting that science has a place in religion, and vice versa but I see the value of science and what it has to offer, but I don’t believe science provides me with the answer of where I came from, why I’m here on earth as a human being, and not a coral reef in the ocea, and where I’m going after I die. For you it’s simple – I’m born, grow old/or not, and die – end of story because perhaps that is comforting for you not to think about the questions that science has not so far provided for you. I don’t disparage you for that.

    So if I find an answer that makes sense to “me” in religion, please don’t go around and look down on people because they don’t see things the way you see, just as I wouldn’t go around looking down on people who are agnostic/atheist or Hindus. You find your answers in science, and I find my answers in religion AND science.

  14. Tazarta

    Ok, i’ve got time restraints here so im gunna blurt it out like a 6 year old would.

    God is like santa claus, you’ve been told he exists and went along with it because he gives you hope, but unlike santa claus you were not told otherwise later. Now science has not proved god is real but it also hasn’t proved that when we jump a wave swells and also hasn’t proved there is no invisble people living inside us, I’d call it stupid to believe that their are little people living inside us and more ridiculous to believe that our jumping makes a wave swell, now what do you call your belief in god?

    All of our thought proccessess, movements and everything else in our bodies is caused by chemicals, chemical reactions and mechanics. When we die our body cannot commit to doing these and then there is nothing, just like before you were born. Our souls do NOT go to heaven nor hell.

    Again, science cannot neccesseraly prove god is fake but it has proved that alot of the bible and religious beliefes CANNOT, repeat CANNOT without a doubt be true. How long will it take you to realise that it’s not only those items that are lies, it’s EVERYTHING.

    /end 6 year old attack

  15. Om

    It becomes obvious that you’re just as rigid and extreme as some religious people. It is sad that even those claiming to follow “reasoning, logic, & scientific evidence” are just as unwilling to understand where the other side is coming from.

    Look, I think it doesn’t make any sense to continue this discussion because I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from objectively but you are not willing to do the same for me so let’s just stop it here. I hope you learn to respect everyone regardless of their faith value system, which isn’t the same thing as accepting those different beliefs.

  16. Tazarta

    That is the second or third time you have accused me of disrespecting your faith and religious people in common. Do you not understand that you have been arguing exactly the same as me but every now and then you put in that you partially follow science.

    I have not once disrespected the religion only argued points over your rant (rant seems to be the right word for your first post). Also you think that we do not see where you come from but I think that is the wrong way around.

    You for some reason overlook that science has proved over and over again that basically everything can/has been explained through the previously talked about chemicals/dna/cells sure there’s the mystery of how they got there but shit anything could have done it (hadron particles) but your god just got some book fot himself.

    What we are coming from is that god cannot exist. unless he were to be a giant chemical cloud over earth that is made up of giant vision cells that make him see all, then he is another figment of imagination. I know your probally going to say that not everything can be explained by these or something like science lies but the truth is that even we could witness these things, witness cell splitting, witness DNA and how it retracts traits from mother and father. Can we witness god, can we put up a real argument for god other than “he’s there because this book told me so”?

    Should you believe in god because you want to believe there is life after death and there is always reason to live?
    Should you believe because you were brought up to believe it?
    Do you really believe?

  17. Om

    “sure there’s the mystery of how they got there but shit anything could have done it (hadron particles) but your god just got some book fot himself.”

    “I know your probally going to say that not everything can be explained by these or something like science lies but the truth is that even we could witness these things, witness cell splitting, witness DNA and how it retracts traits from mother and father.”

    I rest my case.

  18. Tazarta

    uhh, what? i don’t understand what you were trying to prove.

  19. Tazarta

    Fine, you obviously left this ages ago but to anyone who comes in and reads this blog, I’d like to point out one more thing.

    Earlier you said “I don’t deny other gods exist, I just happen to not believe in them” this actually made me laugh. So you don’t believe they exist but at the same time you don’t deny they exist? Make up your mind:)

    Other gods were said to be gaurdians of elements and gods of planets. But, what? That can’t be because your god is the creator… hmmm the other gods must be fake because they only got a small mention in history and not a bible. I can see where your coming from. *cough**cough**cough*

    If we did not have instinct, fear or guilt then we would not be alive, there is not point to live… but we have the “instinct” to survive and all that, the fear of pain/death (sometimes of not going to heaven) and the guilt of hurting others. In general without these we would all be dead apart from those who are massivly hyped on happiness giving you “will” to live. This is to prove the point that we are not here for gods will, we are not here as puppets of fate as some believe. As much as it hurts we are just here because we don’t wanna die.

  20. Om

    I just thought we should agree to disagree. An Atheist and Theist would never agree on the meaning of life, religion…so I think it would be a good idea to just agree to disagree without insulting or disrespecting each other.

  21. reason

    Oh, holy buddah, you guys were like two kids fighting in the back of a car… I’m surprised that neither of you actually ever heard anything the other said. Here’s a hint.. If you put your theories together, maybe you’ll both make sense… just see where that takes you.

  22. Think about it

    Something that exposes the “Big Bang” theory for what it is, and something that no scientist will ever be able to explain is this: Let’s assume for a moment that the “Big Bang” theory is actually true and that the entire universe, everything that is in existence, started as just three or four elements, the whole contraption being the size of a volleyball before it exploded outwards. OK. Even were that true WHO OR WHAT CREATED THOSE ORIGINAL ELEMENTS? Did they just appear out of nothingness? Did at some point nothingness “evolve” into something tangible like hydrogen or helium? How is that anything but laughably ridiculous? It’s painfully obvious that were the Big Bang theory true then someone or something had to have brought those original elements into being.

  23. Believer

    Think about it
    Spot on or if you prefer, AMEN to that.
    Interesting that the science botherers have not and cannot respond to this line of reasoning.
    The whole problem is that science cannot explain the mysteries of the infinite. (hence 11 dimensions and other crap theories to make the mathematics work)

  24. Lostvalentine

    Guys don’t u know scientists and believers of the theory will defend it till the day they die. It is a religion to them and they will always get defensive about it. We defend our faith in God and they’ll defend theoretical knowledge. There can be nothing without a creator even if every raw state of material partical and tool was available something put it together. So there is a designer. and regarding religion why would a ruling power conjure up a religion to somehow control humans by teaching them to love their neighbors as they love themselves and so On. religion is important people who never had the privilege will never understand don’t get me wrong even christian religion was influenced by pagan believes and there is church called the mystery babylon the great mother of all abominations. If I were thinking of to deceive a nation the bible wouldn’t be it all who know will agree and all who disagree will never know and fight u for their lack of wisdom. in the bible it says to he that have an ear let him hear. They might have knowledge but we have knowledge and wisdom. We don’t need to figure out how the world began cause we already know. They still assuming and trying to find out.

    I am not a holy holy joe also I consider myself very open minded. I’m not a wierdo either but I did in my younger years see spirits.
    I was asleep woke up cause I felt someone jumping on my legs, I looked it was a biggish built guy sitting and bouncing on my legs. I quickly put my head under the cover cause I was scared turned around and there was someone lying in the bed with me I immediately jumped up and ran to put on the light I also saw someone standing in the corner. When the light went on they vanished. I went to my mom to tell her what happened I might have been 11 years old at that time she told me to bring my mattress and sleep in their room. Scared, I kept looking over at them peeping out from under the covers. Then I saw two guys with balaklavas on either side of the bed I shouted, mom told me to pray about it and I haven’t seen anything since. Now I don’t know what to make of it but it was real so we can’t say there’s no God when spirits are around us.

    I did a lot of research on various things and one thing for example some scientist assumed confused me. He sed that because they found a meteor in some north pole ‘ice’ and found it to contain tiny water molecules and deduced that that must be the way the water came to earth, all 200 trillion litres. How much meteors would that take?

    Thing is there’s lots of things being taught and sed by the scientists. Assumptions are made and forgotten only to be proven wrong later but the damage is done. What do fairy tales and science books have in common. Fairy tales start with long long time ago and science books, millions and millions of years ago. Its make-believe and they get the average public to believe it that way cause how u gonna prove something that’s lost in time that for back.

    Scientific supposed facts published in science books taught to kids that have been proved wrong and yet they its still in the books and still been taught. They start with the kids wats the easiest way to destroy faith in God, by teaching the kids evolution so they question there faith and God. Dawin was an atheist and he gave birth to the religion of evolution Its never been about fact its about destroying faith in God.

    Me I’d prefer to believe in God and die the eternal death than to die not believing only to find out there Is a God.

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