My favorite Podcasts

I just thought I’d share some of my favorite Podcasts since I spend a lot of time listening to them. As you can see, all of these podcasts are on public broadcasting (1-3 are on NPR) so you can catch them whenever, wherever you want!

1. This American Life – don’t let the title fool ya because this is the best program on radio. Period. The stories are funny, moving, and always interesting.
2. On the Media – It means what it says; keeps an eye on mainstream media for the public and filters their bullshit for us. Here’s one of my favorite piece in the last two years: The O’Reilly-Olbermann beef with just a little embellishment and music – it’s absolutely hilarious.
3. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! – Funny, informative, clean, and very cute! I could’ve put this one on the number 1 slot …it’s that good!
4. From Our Own Correspondent – listening to this program makes you feel your going around the world in 25 minutes with absolutely fascinating stories. It’s been on the BBC for over half a century; now that’s what I call a quality program!
5. Documentary Archives – As a lover of documentaries, this program is a delight. The last two years of archives are available at the BBC website.

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