Laziness sets in

Wow! Man, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog, but I’ve been keeping up with the blogsphere. Writer’s bloc is what I’m blaming, although it could just be laziness. While ago, I started working on a post about Somalia in which I propose few solutions that could solve Somalia’s ills. Such as Dictatorship and/or Islamic Republic. No, I’m not on drugs. I just had this crazy idea of Somalia’s civil war solutions is in Dictatorship or Islamic Republic, which I think it’s a pretty long shot now. Perhaps I thought about all (don’t quote me on that) the countries that have tribes/clans usually have dictators, and they if they don’t have one, they’re usually in a state of messiness.

Does any one agree with me on this somewhat crazy idea that Somalia really needs an evil madmen that rules with iron fist? Or semi-evil madmen a la Zenawi?

How about the Islamic Republic of Somalia? Nah, that’s just me fantasy, ain’t?

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5 thoughts on “Laziness sets in

  1. Aya


    It certainly seems as though any rule would be better than 16 years of non governace. However, I believe the injustice, oppression, lack of social cohesion, and theft of public wealth are the underlying culprits. A dictatorship has all these elements. Anarchy puts a dictator at every checkpoint.

  2. wasmaniac

    Dictatorship is what got us here in the 1st place, so how can it be a solution?

  3. Om


    I agree – I just want some kind of peace in Somalia, even if it’s a brutal dictatorship regime. Trust me, I’m the last person on earth who would want a dictatorship, but at the same time, I’d take dictatorship over two decades of anarchy/civil war any day.


    Dictatorship did not get us there; our selfish and bitter clan rivalry is what got us there. I don’t know if you know this, but Siyad Bare tried to get rid of “qabiil” even though it was just a facade. At one point, people were arrested for “speaking about qabiil.”
    – have you been to Somalia since 1990?

  4. Anonymous

    Asalama alkum,

    I was actually thinking about that myself some days ago. What I did first was look at the type of governments that are used in the world today and I realised many countries use a mix of democracy/capitalism/republic state. What I realised was that Somalia needs to have some other sort of mix as well and get away from anarchy as soon as possible – because it is truely breaking a lot of our people. These days people have this dream of coming to Europe or other Western countries as an ONLY hope, when really it is not, because as a person who lives in the UK as a refugee, the hurts on my person has been many. I am treated as a second class citizen, my deen is going through this tremendous test every day – either from piblic perspection or little things like televsion bombarding you with images that are really harmful to an individual’s soul. So we need a solution fast.
    First of all, dictatorship is not the answer. Dictatorship has a way of enriching one sect, whilst snubbing another sect or even sometimes the majority. We, Somalians do not need separtion instead we need to be united.
    Tribalism will never end, because it is something embeded in us, however, there is a solution to this, by giving people the deen of Islam or even their land, to be put first and who our tribe is second.
    As for a goverment, we need something like the States. They have Senators or Governors, I think, who represent each state and one head, a main place where all those state are represented. What Somalia could have is, each place like cities or a village, should have a representative and then we could have a place where those people are represented. As for our main government, it should be mixed from every tribe (I know there will be clashes but it will be for the greater good) and a majority vote.

    Anyway, I don’t know what that type of government is called, but Somalia needs a government that suits its OWN needs, rather than what others wants it to be!


  5. Om


    I completely agree w/ you that Somalia’s hope is in Islam because that’s the only thing we truly share. Just look at what the UIC did in just 6 months! Only if they didn’t get aggressive and lose the sight of the big picture, which was to harmonize Somalia and slowly implement Sharia without antagonizing any part of the population, they could’ve bring a glorious democracy – one that is Islamic and democratic at the same time. But they chose a radical guy like Sh. Aweys Dahir instead of Sh. Ahmed Sharif for its leadership position. At the end of the day, Somali is far from the type of democracy that is in use in the West., but it’s not impossible. However, if Somalia is to have a working democratic government in its future, it DEFINITELY isn’t the one that is there now.

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