Masjid Etiquette 101

I usually wake up late when I don’t have classes, like Fridays. So I always prefer to go to the last khutbah since there are three of them, so I decided to go to the first one today after I came back from the dentist, which was for my sis. I get there and I sit next to this African-American brother who is sitting against the wall. So within five minutes, this brother starts snorting so hard that he startles me and the brother sitting next to me. At this point, I’m faced with a decision that I never like to make – wake someone up. I don’t like being waken up, neither do I like to wake people up, but I didn’t want to let him sleep either because one, his wudhu would nullify, and two, his snorting was just too much. Besides, the khutbah is only 30 minute long.

If you were in my situation, would you have woken him up?

And then came the most annoying of all – the cellphone guy. Every Friday, whether it’s the first, second, or third Jum’ah, there’s always one brother who comes in to the Masjid with his cellphone on (I can’t speak for the sisters since we’re too far apart to hear their cellphones, but they sure do talk a lot; no disrespect, but sisters talk a lot, especially during in between Taraweeh prayers) and it’s not that he forgets to turn it off before coming to the Masjid, but the fact that the cell ringing three different times within span of 5 minutes? That isn’t being forgetful, but just plain disrespectful to the house of Allah, and its visitors. They don’t even have to turn their cellphone off, they just have to put it on vibration mode – mine is on vibration mode 24/7 and I don’t miss a damn call.

Actually, I have this uncle who refuses to put his cell on vibration because he thinks he can leave his cell in his car, but forgets to do that most of the time and gets calls during the khutbah or the prayer. I get so angry sometimes when he does this that I yell at him, but he never changes. How does one deal with these kinds of people? You can’t kick them out of the Masjid yet you can’t get them to use vibration – Oh Allah, help us!

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6 thoughts on “Masjid Etiquette 101

  1. Aya


    If you were in my situation, would you have woken him up?

    I most certainly would have. I would have nudged him quietly and whispered that some of us would like to listen and he ought to go home for his nap. He would probably give me a dirty look and maybe even cuss in a house of prayer but he would find it tough to fall asleep again.

    People with cell phones on ringer? I reckon people who are generally inconsiderate think they have little faults so they tend to think others should bear with them. You see them everywhere, they may cut in line or throw garbage out of the car window. A masjid, to them, I would think is simply an extension of this larger world where they cruise by with abandon. Probably nothing you can do about them.

  2. Nomad

    That’s just rude. People don’t realize that small things like snorting or neglecting the rule of turning off the cellphone, somewhat is sinning. Because you’re not showing the respect to the house of Allah.

    I agree with Aya. Although, I do at times understand why some people fall asleep or yawn, especially during the khutbah in between taraweeh prayer in ramadan.

    There is an obligation on the imaams as well. Seriously, some are plain boring. They should spice up the khutbah, speak of current issues and not repeat the same khutbah over and over again. Also, many people were so lucky and get two hours free from work, the imaam shouldn’t recite Baqarah, but be a bit considerate.

  3. wasmaniac

    ^I second nomad here…some of those imams are so boring and just lull you to sleep. I once watched a live khuttba by Ismail Haniye, the outgoing Palestinian PM on aljazeera and it was so engaging and lively…you just cant fall asleep there.

  4. StudentInIslam

    If you were in my situation, would you have woken him up?

    I come-across this situation all the time. I’d just nudge the brother and not say anything as talking is not permissible during the Khutbah.

    I think the main reason why people fall a sleep are:

    1) they lack in energy (they did not have lunch before coming to Khutbah)

    2) Imam is just not talking right. They need to bring in current issues and make it relevant to people addressed. Also Imam can sometimes ask the brothers and sister to move forward in line which always forces them to weak-up.

    3) Tone of voice of the Imam. There are certain imam talks so slow without emotion or feelings. With due respect the Imams, Its like they are forcing people to sleep.

    As for the cell phones ringing. I get a lot too. I think again Imam pays a Vital role on this issue. Imam could easily remind people to turn off the cell phone before he starts. This way number is minimised.

    Having said that you’ll always get odd people running late and having their phone on. They either do not know the rules of Mosque or do not respect the rules of the Mosque.

  5. Amirah

    Salamz bro om.
    I would have woken him up too. Who sleeps during a Khutba? That is so rude subhanallah.Lets be a little open minded about people who bring their cellphones into the Masjid with the ringer on, as annoying as it is, there maybe a reason behind it. You never know, they may be waiting for an important call. As for people that always do it for no reason, thats just disrespectful and it is the imaams job to remind people that they should turn their phones off and turn their attention to Allah(SWT).

    Insha’allah everything is going great for you, hope the assignments are not getting to you and that your in the best of iman and health. Jazakallah khair for your dua bro it means alot.Insha’allah your enjoying second year as much as i am, apart from the workload it is great.

    About the name Yusra, so many people have down where i live that it has lost all its meaning to me.I really didnt want my neice joining the list of common names but her mum had other ideas :-(.

    salamz bro.

  6. Om


    I agree with you that I ought to wake up people who are sleeping in the middle of Khutbah – I’m just not use to waking people up at all. I kinda dreaded it, really. But you have definitely observed people who are generally are inconsiderate usually do have their ringer on. Like my uncle, who’s a quite annoyingly inconsiderate in many things.

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