Masjid Etiquette: The Sequel?

I don’t know where to begin with this one. When it happened, I couldn’t stop laughing – in the sense of, “Damn, that was the stupidest thing a Muslim ever did at the Masjid.” Last Friday, I went to the Masjid for my usual Friday Jum’a prayer, but the shift I went to was not my usual third shift. My friend got out of school early and was dropping an item he had borrowed from me, so I just decided to go with him to the second shift instead of waiting for the third. Plus, I did need a ride to the Masjid, after all.

We get to the Masjid around 12:30ish and decide to park on a spot we found on a curve in front of the Masjid. At this point, there are no cars behind us and we are all set to park on our spot. So my friend starts to reverse slowly, as he has no reason to reverse faster, but BOOM! Our fellow Muslim comes from nowhere and fits himself nicely into our spot. Mind you, I’m realistic and I know this happens all the time – at the mall, school, hospital, and movie theaters, but I did not expect it to happen in front of the house of Allah. I just think there ought to be a higher code of conduct when we are at the Masjid. But obviously there are people who like to do otherwise.

We were so speechless that the only thing we could do was just laugh and shake our heads. As it turns out, this brother apparently saw us about to park from a distance and sped up like the Talladega race and pulled in to our spot – nearly causing a crash. If I was driving that car, I’m almost certain we would’ve gotten into an accident because I was not expecting anyone, much less someone taking our spot, to be behind us when we were reversing. Fortunately my friend’s good reflex and attention saved us.

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5 thoughts on “Masjid Etiquette: The Sequel?

  1. Aya

    LOL. I like your reactions, nothing beats a belly laugh in the face of absurdity. I find us Muslims to be as ill-mannered and bizarre as everyone else. I had a similar incident in the parking lot of a university. I was visiting some family in New York and had an occasion to attend a lecture by a well-known lecturer. As my cousin and I tried to parallel park our little 2-door, this fella sticks his front fender into the spot. He could’ve driven a few yards to another spot but I guess when a toy is in another kid’s hand. We drove to another spot and guess who was introducing the lecturer. Major parking fucko himself.

  2. Firefly

    Dumb and dangerous drivers are a hazard.

  3. Amirah

    lol, Wow i luv your masjid stories, keep them coming their way 2 funny. As for muslims been ill-manner, its nothing new i wish they could stick to the conduct of the prophet muhammad(Saw).

    Did you guys have a word with the driver?

  4. Om

    Lool…Aya, that is exactly what happened to us, too. The dude could’ve just driven 30 more ft. and find a spot, but I bet he just didn’t feel like it. We just couldn’t stop laughing. I wonder if you guys starred at him when he was introducing – that should’ve made him really stupid.

    Fly, actually most Americans good drivers, but they get angry very easily. There is at least one road rage in every city.


    I couldn’t agree more, but many of us Muslims just don’t have any regard for the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), even at the Masjid. What a shame.

    We didn’t actually bother to talk to him; we didn’t know what to say to him. We just kept laughing, though.

  5. wasmaniac

    You are being Mr nice guy here OM…i’ll tell you what you should have done, get out of the car and teach the bastard a lesson…otherwise, the incident will be repeated by the offender at a later time, to a different person.

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