Rebel is the new terrorist

Since 9/11, the English vernacular has changed in ways that no one could imagine, thanks to Bush. I remember when Rebels, Freedom Fighters, Militants, Revolutionist had a meaning, and now of all of those meanings have become extinct. Now it’s words like terrorist, insurgency, terrorism, and so on that are constantly used to define something that has nothing to do with terrorism, or the like. Now an illegal immigrant is a terrorist. A freedom fighter is a terrorist. So what is next? A protester is a terrorist? A revolutionist is an insurgent?

I bring this point because every time some pinhead leader of a state i.e. bush, blair, gedi, yusuf…talks about opposition parties, freedom fighters, or revolutionist, they use “terrorist” as a way to scare the shit out of ordinary people. I remember the 2006 Midterm election in the U.S. when the republicans put on that infamous “if you vote democrat, you’re voting for bin laden.” I mean, what has this world come to? Fear, fear, fear? I’m tired of these assholes telling me what I should be afraid of. I know what I’m afraid of: assholes who start war that they should’ve never started in the first place. I know I’m more likely to be struck by a lighting than a terrorist attack. So why the hell should I take these self-appointed pricks serious?

Maybe it’s time we all start our own revolution. A revolution that says no to fear and bullshit.

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7 thoughts on “Rebel is the new terrorist

  1. Aya


    Labels are an absolute must to squash resistance. They threaten the power that be and must be labeled. Remember high school and the labels given to kids who questioned the supreme authority of teachers and administrators? This is on a more grand scale and certainly designed to protect the interests of the wealthy, the businessmen, and corporations.

  2. wasmaniac

    Its not since 9/11, these labels have existed for a much longer time, for example, in the 1950s, the british newspapers were calling kenya’s mau mau freedom fighters terrorists, the apartheid regime in SA called Mandela a terrorist and it was the same case with Che Guevara in argentina.

  3. a camel herder's daughter

    So, you’re saying that the opposition or what was formerly known as the UIC, aren’t terrorists. On the contrary, they are revolutionists?

    There is a huuuge difference between Omar Mukhtar and men who want to change Somalia to Iraq.

  4. Om

    Nope. I am not talking about what is going in Somalia alone – I’m merely saying that words like revolutionary, rebel, freedom fighter, and so on have been abandoned, instead “terrorist” or “terrorism” are the only words that are used to define anyone who goes against the people in charge – whether it’s in the U.S., Uk, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, Palestine….

  5. The Rendezvous


    Like nailing on the head…

  6. a camel herder's daughter

    Ché, Malcolm, Mandela, Mohamed A. Hassan, Omar Mukhtar, Yasser…

    All called terrorists, thugs and rebels.

    Naming someone a revolutionist is admitting that a revolution is needed, and that’s sort of kicking yourself in the ass…

  7. Om

    I’m confused. What is the point you’re making, ACHD?

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