Enemy of the State

No, this is not about a Will Smith movie, but rather the real problem of Africa – Head of States: from small time agency manager to presidents, prime ministers, vice presidents, MPs, government ministers..and so on. For decades people (mainly Western scholars/intellectuals) have been trying to find the reasons why Africa’s still underdeveloped despite having the world’s most resources – from minerals to oils to diamonds,yet Africa is still the world’s poorest continent – why?

How can a continent with so much resources still be poorest and fu*&ed up? How can a continent that has fewer people and more resources than Asia is still poor and fu*&ed up? Well thank our African heads of states who have long stole Africa’s wealth and fattened their Swiss bank accounts. I’m not going to name names, so just use your imagination with the exception of Nelson Mandela.

I know many Africans would like to put the blame on the white men. But come on now – by now we can only blame ourselves and our heads of states. Case in point: Frederick Chiluba. The democratically elected president of Zambia for 10 years who have this year been found guilty of graft – directly stealing $46 million from Zambia’s public money in a daylight, and even worse, displaying the money he stole by only buying everything luxurious – clothes, shoes, suits, wine…while only eating at the finest restaurants in Europe and holidaying in the most expensive resorts and spas. More shocking, 73% of Zambians are the poorest in the world, living on less than $1 a day (U.N.)

So seeing the democratically elected head of states are stealing their country’s money, I can only imagine what the evil madmen dictators are doing. So in the spirit of fixing up Africa, I propose that only an aristocrat should be allowed to hold office because we’ve seen the guy who came from nothing to the top only end up stealing everything because he’s too f#%king greedy i.e. Chiluba, Sese Seko. Or any man/woman who wants to be head of state in Africa should spend no less than 27 years in prison. Or we can just let things be the way they are…*wink*wink*.

P.S. Check out the song in the studio lounge called “Corruption E Do So” by Daddy Saj. It’s in French/Creole, but quite wonderful nonetheless.

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3 thoughts on “Enemy of the State

  1. Aya


    Africa and Africans are a hot mess and their corrupt heads of states should be lined up and shot. Their dangers are not only in the public funds they steal in broad day light and the weapons they amass; they’vr created several subcultures of corruption. No accountability at all. Chiluba should be flogged mercilessly by the poor Zambians he is robbing blind. I doubt that aristocrats would be any different, human greed has no bounds. Remember Seso Seko riddled with cancer, dying in Morocco while the purported hundreds of millions he stole from his people sitting in Swiss accounts? What a mess.

  2. Om


    I agree w/ all your pts., but what would you suggest to do w/ these greedy African heads of states?

    It is really disheartening:(

  3. Aya

    I don’t know, Om, it really is disheartening and hopeless. I think a people’s revolution could have brought about some change but it is those same revolutionaries against colonialism who are now brutalizing their people. I think little will change till there is a global economic crisis that whittles away their sources of weapons. Then the people exact the change they deserve.

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