Another Enemy of the State

It has not even been a week since I wrote about Frederick Chiluba, the ex Zambian president who stole $46 million from Zambia’s public fund – the Zambian high court yesterday rejected Chiluba’s request to be given immunity due to his poor health; yeah right, asshole. I hope you suffer in jail for the rest of your poor life, dick.

Anyway, now an ex-Ugandan health minister has been charged with stealing nearly $4.3 million from the immunization fund, which was donated by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization charity. No wonder millions of African children die from diseases like malaria, smallpox, and so on, which can easily be prevented by immunizing children, but thanks to sons of bitches like Mr. Jim Muhwezi and his partners in crime Capt. Mike Mukula and Dr. Alex Kamugisha, millions of African toddlers will continue to parish. What a shame. By the way, why is an ex-army general in charge of the Health Ministry? That beats me.

But here’s the kicker: Mr. Muhwezi was in London last week for, guess what? Medical treatment! Just like Mr. Chiluba went to South African and England for his medical treatment. I feel nauseated right now. I mean, why is a former president going to another country for medical treatment? Couldn’t he get the best medical treatment in his country? And why would an EX health minister go to another country for medical treatment? This is beyond my head.

Perhaps it is time for Africans to flog and execute publicly their corrupt public officials when they’re found guilty of corruptions; otherwise future African leaders will continue to rob and dilapidate their countries until they run it into the toilet. No wonder why developed countries have less corruption and underdeveloped countries have a 100% corruption levels. I believe it is time the West to stop giving Africa handouts unless they place an effective enforcements policy to their handouts which they have never, ever done. This is not too much to ask and it is certainly doable. As I have always believed, Africa’s problems isn’t poverty, diseases, or famines, but rather corruption.

Unless the world (especially the World Bank, the IMF, and the U.N.) makes corruption in Africa’s its one number priority, Africa will always be poor, disease-riddled, war-ravaged, and famine-stricken. What Africa needs is a War on Corruption, not Blair’s good-intentioned War on Poverty or U2’s Bono’s War on Aids. Because at the end of the day, corruption is what is hindering Africa’s progress against poverty, diseases, wars, and famines.

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7 thoughts on “Another Enemy of the State

  1. Aya

    Interesting! I was reading recently about alleged oil/gold fields discovered in Uganda and Museveni refusing to have anyone come in and look at them. Granted, he has a healthy mistrust of westerns corps. or so he claims but I think he’s just waiting for the hoopla to die down and he picks the right western company to dig it out for him and his cronies. Unlimited greed is plaguing African leaders, there is no hope in sight.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s definitely something to be ashamed of. Corruption destroyed Africa a long time ago. What I don’t understand is how someone in a position of authority, a human being, can abuse their power so nefariously! Your country’s children are dying of preventable diseases and your looting the treasury? Unfortunately it’s become the African condition. Our continent has long since stopped being the laughing stock of the world; it’s become the quintessence of failure.

  3. SleepDepraved

    Ok I can understand the disgust emanating from your post but I do think that making the developed countries our police is not the answer. Tried and failed hasn’t it. Why aren’t we accountable for our leaders? Don’t we elect them? I think Africans lack the gumption to stand up to our leaders. For God sakes our ancestors stop up against colonization and here we are asking others to help clean up our mess. Buck up and do something about it. Be citizens of your countries and declare war on corruption on your own terms. A country’s greatest resource is its citizen and by golly that is means u so exploit your power.

    **I just can’t stand great minds going to waste by declaring themselves handicapped**

  4. SleepDepraved

    Erm……….did you see what impact the international tribunal had on the X Liberian President Charles Taylor? Or even the late Milosevic? Think about it.

  5. Om

    “Perhaps it is time for Africans to flog and execute publicly their corrupt public officials when they’re found guilty of corruptions; otherwise future African leaders will continue to rob and dilapidate their countries until they run it into the toilet.”

    If you had read this quote, you wouldn’t have said I want the West to be our police – quite to the contrary. And you have to be honest and realist with yourself: Africans citizens alone can’t clean up African corruption, and if you’re saying that, well, you’re living in a fantasyland. African leaders have been stealing billions of dollars from their countries – money that the West handed out to them as either a charity or loan, but the West never enforced where that money went, so all I’m asking is the West to attach conditions to their charities or loans and enforce those condition in order to curb corruptions, otherwise don’t give Africa handouts. And I’m confident that Africans can do the rest. Fighting corruption is a two-face war, not one-face. Think about it.

    And Charles Taylor and Milosevic were and are being prosecuted for war-crimes, not corruption, which I’m certain Taylor has done.

  6. SleepDepraved

    Conditions translate policing in my mind….you say potatoh, I say potato. I can see where u draw the line now. I do live in an idealist world where I believe that our destinies are created by ourselves and not by others. Silly at times but it puts the power in my hand. my pointing out about Charles and Milosevic was to drive my point home that the international community, whether dealing with corruption or war crimes, have little or no impact. With that I will clam up cause it strikes me that I might be barking up the wrong tree.

  7. Om

    if we Africans could ‘bootstrap’ and fix our affairs on our own, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Love it or hate it, the West is giving you handouts every year (how about that $60 billion the G8 just decided to give Africa be put to good use?) so they may as well police you.

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