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My mom is going to Africa in about a week, although not to Somalia, and I was scratching my head for some good gifts to send for someone I dearly care about. I’m a gadget freak and gadgets are my ideal gifts to give and receive. However, the gadgets I have in mind are probably not going to work there. So I was hoping I could get some ideas for good gifts to send to someone in Africa from you fellow bloggers. And no, cologne and clothe alone are not the only gifts to send – so, any good ideas for gifts besides those two above? I’d appreciate any suggestions!


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5 thoughts on “Gift Idea

  1. CrimZin

    Hey Om, thnx for ur comment on the poster. Still waiting for Aamir to have a look 🙂 Nice blog bro. Keep in touch!

  2. Aya

    If the person is a reader, try a few paperbacks. Books can be so difficult to get in some places. You could also try to get the gadget and if the conversion thing is an issue, grab one of those power plugs from RadioShack.

  3. Firefly

    Accessories and fragrances are usually good gifts. Dirac sets are also great gifts for women, regardless of age.

  4. a camelherder's daughter

    Clothes, clothes from amreeka are quite desired. Yacni, t-shirts etc.

    Call those you are giving gifts to, yes, it’s sort of ruins the surprise aspect, but you’d rather give something beneficial for the person than something he or she will toss aside.

    It all depends on the gender of those you’re sending the gifts, the age and your relationship to him/her.

    And well, an envelope with dollars is not so bad either.

  5. Om


    I took your advice! Although that power converter is absolutely a rip off…$25 for one lousy outlet converter, unbelievable my dear. Just unbelievable. I know I should’ve ordered it online in advance but that’s me, waiting until the last minute:)


    My mom was keep telling me to buy him a cologne, cologne, cologne…I thought that was too predictable; besides, this person is way into fragrance so I know he has more fragrance than I can count…lol, dirac! Lol…I haven’t seen any somali woman wearing one for at least 3 years now:) Damn, they’re so skimpy!

    Camelherder, lol…that envelope w/ some Benjamins are lovely, but I’m too broke to give cold hard cash!

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