More flavor than Baskin Robins

Last night I attended a lecture by Imam Suhaib Webb and was blown away by his simple message of moderation. Imam Suhaib, as he is commonly refer to, is an American-born revert to Islam from Oklahoma who used to be a hip/hop DJ. After accepting Islam, he left the DJing and started studying Islam after college. He is currently studying at Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

The reason why I was so blow away by him is because he is able to relate to both the youth and the ummah in general. His message is clear -stop the b.s. that is tearing apart the Ummah. He also despises the idea of sects/groups – us against them b.s. He says Muslims can disagree with each other about Fighs (Islamic rulings) that is not clearly demonstrated in the Qur’an as there are four Islamic Madhabs (Schools of thoughts) but that doesn’t mean we should hate each other or label each other. And I think all non-Muslims will benefit from him as he can relate to them and explain them to Islam from their point of view.

Like the lecture I attended last night here in the Triangle, the video below also focuses on three main subjects:

The community
The family
The Youth

All in all, Imam Suhaib is the kind of Imam that you can actually talk to about any problem you have which I can’t say for many Imams. If Imam Suhaib comes to a town near you, I highly recommend you go see. Or right now you should watch this entire video.

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2 thoughts on “More flavor than Baskin Robins

  1. Aya

    He is a very articulate and self-aware man. I’ve heard a couple of lectures and found it refreshing to hear an Imam say that he does not have an answer to something but will gladly research it.

  2. Om

    Very true Aya. In fact, something similar to that situation occurred in the lecture I attended. I really enjoyed that lecture and the whole place was full – like a khutba.

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