You know what time it is

Happy 60th birthday to you, Pakistan – the first modern Muslim nation to be created with Nukes!

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5 thoughts on “You know what time it is

  1. firefly

    Nice henna!

    I wish we could happily celebrate our independence too, but its just too fcuking depressing.

    Happy 60th anniversary to Pakistan. May they enjoy another 60 years and more without conflicts or war, in peace and prosperity!

    *Feeling very charitable*

  2. Om

    Yes Fly, our 50th is coming soon but unfortunately there won’t be a celebration – how depressing:(

    But I feel very happy for Pakistan:)

  3. Aya

    Happy birthday to Pakistan, indeed!

  4. a camel herder's daughter

    That attitude is what’s screwing up somalia, stop with the pessimism. Haven’t you learned from 17 years of diaspora? Lack of governance, doesn’t mean complete loss of our heritage, culture and identity. Waiting for a stable government is heartbreaking. When it comes, it comes, alhamdullilah. When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, next time insh’allah.

    Muslims have long lived in diaspora, our own prophet left his roots, but when he atleast returned, subhan’allah, the growth!

    Aaaanyway, Pakistand Zindabad!

  5. Om

    lol…ACHD, I don’t get the connection between the Hijra and Somalia’s civil war.

    I’m not pessimist – I’m just a realist and you know there won’t be a 50th Anniversary independence celebration in south Somalia, although I’d love to see Somalia peaceful to celebrate its independence.

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