Guess Where It was Taken

As a photography enthusiast, this photo in a news article caught my attention – everything from the light, the composure, and the angle but I was more surprised to learn where it was taken. Can you guess where?

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4 thoughts on “Guess Where It was Taken

  1. Sam

    Although not into photography as much as you, I spend some time analyzing pictures and this one caught my attention as well. If I’m not wrong, is that the Bakaraha market as the picture’s name says? Offtopic: I read some reports that the shop owners there were robbed by the government and that Zinawi ordered its closure.

  2. Aya

    What a haunting image! Very post-apocalyptic in its composition. I would say a downtown Xamar spot but it could be any destroyed city really.

  3. Nativedaughter

    This photo is taken of Xamar. It was on MSNBC in an article about fighting terrorist in the horn of Africa. Sometimes i wonder if these people have any brians because the only terrorists in Somalia are the warlords and the goverment. I wish they leave the woem and children alone they have seen a lot of horror over the years.

  4. Om

    It is Bakaraha and that shocked me because everyone knows that no place is more populated in Africa, even more than garisa lodge in Nairobi, than Bakaraha at any given day but this picture tells the unimaginable horror that Muqdisho has undergone since the fall of the UIC. Indeed Bakaraha is the heart of all Somalia – makes me sad that this once healthy and prosperous heart is in this condition. What a shame!

    Yet, I also find a glorious past of this city’s magnificent architecture and vibrant atmosphere in this gloomy picture. Now I feel even more sadder:(

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