What Would Jesus Do?

Why is it that people who are the most vocal about their righteousness are always the ones leading double-life, hence the most hypocritical? Why would do they have to do that? Can’t they just keep low-profile and continue their wicked ways while not drawing any attention to themselves? I remember a Somali proverb that went like this, “God gives you nine chances to hide your wicked actions, but the tenth time you will be exposed” – something to that effect. I just stumbled an article on the BBC talking about the Archbishop of Zimbabwe resigning due to “infidelity.” What? Infidelity? Wait a minute, aren’t Catholic priests forbidden from engaging sex? And why is this guy, who is the envoy of the Catholic Church for an entire country not only engaging what is forbidden to him but is sleeping with a married woman as well? This says so much about why so many Catholics are losing their faith in the church but apparently the church isn’t willing to admit that to itself. Of course not, it’s a fallacy to do such a thing because it’s against Church Doctrine. Duh!

I’m bringing up this archbishop’s infidelity not because it’s an astonishing or abnormal event- heck the Catholic Church just paid $193 million to some 144 plaintiffs in San Diego, and nearly $700 million to hundreds of plaintiffs in Los Angeles for molestations which the Catholic Church, especially the current Pope was very, very much aware of – but I’m bringing up this particular Archibishop Pius Ncube of Zimbabwe’s infidelity because he has been the most vocal propaganda machine for the rats of the British government (and yeah, that includes those bastards at the BBC painting Robert Mugabe as tyrant – FUCK you Big Bad Corporation) and calling for “foreign intervention” i.e. Occupation and colonialization of Zimbabwe by Western imperialist since Mugabe gave the West the middle finger because he would not compromise on his country’s independence from foreign meddling. And it this very particular bishop who has just been caught and pictured sleeping with a married woman in bed!. How do you say it feels good to see hypocrites go down the toilet? Sweet!But the funniest bit about this is that this very wicked and not man of God is still calling Robert Mugabe’s government a “wicked regime”! What an apt description for you, Mr. Ncube! What is more wicked than a man who is hiding behind spirituality to cover his wicked deeds while misleading the ignorant masses astray by telling them to accept imperialism and occupation so no one would find out about his double-life? How dare you use your position of spiritual figure-head to propagate violent overthrow of an elected, albeit shady voting record, government and invite foreign imperialist upon Zimbabwe? Shame on you, Ncube! Shame on you!

I want to end this post now but I want it to be known that I don’t think Robert Mugabe is the world’s greatest leader. No, no. I’m not that stupid and ill-informed, but I do have a high respect for the man who fought for the independence of his country and chose to get his people’s lands back from the hands of imperialist white invaders who oppressed and butchered Zimbabweans for more than a century who now wanted to be paid for the land they robbed in the first place. I do commend him for kicking them up on the arse on their way to the door. And no, this isn’t anti-white or anything, I just hate imperialists – period; more especially those bastards who looted, raped, and destroyed Africa’s treasures for more than a century. And I also commend him for making his country independent from foreign meddling politically, socially and economically. I’d rather have my own countrymen as a dictator who doesn’t sell out to the West than a foreign occupation and imperialism. Hell, I’d be a o’kay if Siad Barre was still in power in Somalia or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Yes, I realize that these men aren’t the kind of men I’d have dinner with but still, I hate imperialist and foreign occupations more. Live long, Zimbabwe. Long live.

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