Folks, as you can see I’m still in the middle of my migration to wordpress so be patient with me. After all, I’m just a lousy human being trying to do his best.

I know, I know…I didn’t even think I’d leave the comfort of my blogger blog easily synced with my gmail account and all the goodies that come along with that but I just couldn’t stand the lack of aesthetics and boring features that blogger has to offer. Besides, it feels like blogger was a practice for me. You know, like the first baby of a couple. Now I feel like I can step up to the plate…in a way.

I’m already feeling the love, the ease and tenderness of wordpress. No, that completely came out wrong. I promise ya’ll, I did not intend it to sound like a sexual innuendos. Anyway, I’m enjoying Ramadan completely, even the hunger part. Who knew fasting was the cure for raging hormones! And of course I still haven’t missed one night of taraweeh! Hooray for me! Back to my point, I think I’ve made the right choice in moving to wordpress.

I hope ya’ll find a time to come by once in a while and tolerate my rambling so we can have a spirited, passionate, and completely fun discussions on various topics.

Until then.

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3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Hooray, Om. First, congratulations and welcome! I’m still very satisfied with WordPress and have only good things to say about it. Go ahead and feel the love, LOL, no one will fault you. Hope you enjoy the remainder of Ramadan.

  2. I knew it. Just a question of time.Wordpress would be, if it was a human being, the perfect lover.

  3. p.s: Somalieren is in truth ‘a camel herder’s daughter” but for some reason, my screenname links to my norwegian blog and not my english blog. Well, just to clarify that.

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