Wacky Week

Folks, as you’ll can see I’ve been absent for a little while from the blogsphere, not because I had enough of it but it’s that time of the year when college students are required to do those mind-numbing presentations, research papers, essays, etc.  Now that is out of the way, let’s get to the business at hand.

Mr.Criminal, Meet Your Punishment

Few hours ago, I was watching one of those stupid 24-hour “news” channel and as I always do, I just muted the damn thing so I can read the little ticker-bar at the bottom with the headlines. I have to admit, I never laughed at the tragic death of a human being but, in all honesty, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read one of the headline piece in this particular ticker. The headline said, “A man in Florida running away from police jumped into a lake infested with alligators to hide but was soon discovered his half-eaten dead torso with bites all over it.” I know this isn’t supposed to be funny, but man, this is the unluckiest man in America! Had the police caught him, I’m certain his punishment would not have included being eaten alive by a pack of hungry alligators. I imagine his punishment would have been limited to weekly rape, monthly solitary confinement, and perhaps once in awhile shank stabbing. Being devoured alive? Nah.

Your Honor, Here’s Your Pants

Remember that judge in Washington D.C. who sued his Korean dry cleaners for $54 million dollars for losing two of his trousers? I just read somewhere this idiot has been dismissed from the bench. Finally, the U.S. justice system has found someone to stick it to. Oh well, this guy had it coming.

PS: I dedicate this post all of those men, women, and children who are suffering in and around Mogadisho, Somalia. The world is ignoring your murder, rape, and suffering but all of your fellow Somalis everywhere in the world are not. We are far away but our du’as and thoughts are with you. Although what I’ve wrote above may seem contradicting to this dedication, but if I don’t try to use humor and lighthearted jokes, my sorrow will overwhelm me. Peace.

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