Here We Ago Again

Kenya had it’s presidential and parliamentary election last Thursday. Raila Odinga, leader of the Democratic Orange Movement was challenging Mwai Kibaki, the current president. Before the election, every poll that was taken showed a clear lead for Odinga and his DOM party. Moreover, nearly every incumbent running on Kibaki’s party ticket was defeated, including his vice-president, twenty Kibaki ministers and three sons of former president Daniel arap Moi who were also running on the same party-ticket.

In fact, Odinga was consistently defeating Kibaki the first two days of the vote counting in the 180 out of 210 electoral constituency counted. Now, what is quite baffling is how all the sudden in the third day (Sunday), Kibaki comes out on top the day after vote counting was suspending amid all the pre-election indication and beat down of his party, not to mention being sworn in as the new president within ONE hour of the announcement. It’s like watching a Hollywood feel-good drama where the hero overcomes all obstacles and succeeds, despite the opposite indications all along.

I feel bad for the Kenyan population because once again, they are cheated by the corrupt, power-hungry dinosaurs who have been sucking the blood of this majestic country for over forty-years. But unlike other Africans, Kenyans have the sense to swallow this cheat and not let it lead to civil war or prolonged violence. At least that is my hope. There has already been clashes between Odinga’s Lou tribe and Kibaki’s Kikuyi tribe. I just hope this does not lead to a full-blown tribal wars, or worst, civil war.

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6 thoughts on “Here We Ago Again

  1. Kenya has embraced the rest of east africa in the way of stealing votes to halls of power
    There is a collective effort needed to fight of the clandestine works by many a citizen of east africa

  2. Kenya has embraced the rest of east africa in the way of stealing votes to halls of power
    There is a collective effort needed to fight of the clandestine works by many a citizen of east africa.

    Richard Mufumbya

  3. Kenya has embraced the rest of east africa in the way of stealing votes to halls of power
    There is a collective effort needed to fight of the clandestine works by many a citizen of east africa.

    Richard Mufumbya

  4. My sentiments too. However, there is the added point that still, well over 60% of all assets in Kenya are foreign owned. It is one thing to promote handing over a country that was your colony (as in the Britsh Govt) to the locals. It is entirely another thing to allow the locals to own their own country. Ditto Zimbabwe.

    It is a sign now that Africans are entering a new phase of being sick and tired of control and pillage from foreign influences. It is a tragedy that it results in death and destruction.

    It would be very big of those who ultimately control from behind to release these countries to create their own futures. Guess I’m being too optimistic, there is far too much money in it!

  5. Kalutajr

    It is virtually impossible to exercise First world’s style democracy in third world Africa. Most of our leaders practice it simply to please the first world because it has been imposed on them. They want to appear democratic in the eyes of the first world while in their hearts, they are not ready to concede defeat (eating the cake and still have it!). They believe that being a president gives you the right to be owner of that country while the rest are just tenants. This is also fueled by the fact that some first world leaders are using our presidents as their agents to loot our wealth in exchange for guaranteeing their presidency and ill-gotten wealth. That is why it is very difficult for Africans to break the the chain poverty.
    In my opinion, we need to have African version of democracy to get away with rigging problems and its consequences in terms of lives of innocent civilians. The version shall be as follows:

    1. We need to have an African Electoral Commission and African Electoral Court located at AU Head Quarters. The two instruments shall be manned by competent staff picked from member states who have a record of high degree of integrity in the course of executing their duties.

    2. All elections in African countries shall be conducted, coordinated and concluded by African Electoral Commission. The team from the commission will have to be formed to conduct any election in African countries. The membership of that team shall not include individuals from the country in the process of election. Each polling station shall have at least two representatives from this commission who have final authority on the conduct of the electoral process. Observers from countries outside the continent will have to be invited to witness the exercise and give their opinion on the transparency of the exercise.

    3. The results of the election shall be announced by the Chairman of the African Electoral Commission at his head office, in the presence of all substantial contesters (those who got at least 5% of the votes).

    4. In case of any disagreement, the complaining part shall lodge his/her complaints with African Electoral Court, which shall, within the period of six months, settle the appeal and adjudicate the case. The decision given by the court shall be final.

    I believe that institutionalization of such a mechanism will, by and large, resolve the dirty processes we used to witness in Africa and increase the confidence of the people and their leaders. It will give Africans opportunity to make critical decisions affecting us through our own instruments and hence put continental interests first.

    In case, you agree with this way of thinking and want to see this charted forward, please contact me via the following email-

    I will be happy to form a network of like-minded Africans to ensure that the above proposed mechanism is propagated and institutionalized for the benefits of our continent.

  6. Om


    You’re on point – foreign influence has been the biggest plague Africa has yet to overcome. It is sad fact that European colonies still rule Africa today after 40 years of “supposedly independence.” As you mentioned, Zimbabwe tried to free itself completely from Europeans altogether by kicking out European invaders who sat on all the good lands in Zimbabwe and giving it back to the people of Zimbabwe…the British gov’t intentionally threatened any other country that wanted to do business with Zimbabwe, financed coup de’etat against Zimbabwe…all the rest.

    Now, Kenya’s predicament is different because Kibaki has stolen the election in day light, so that can’t be blamed on foreign interference but just another power-hungry, corrupt African head of state. It saddens me to see Kibaki choose five more years of power over the stability and prosper of Kenya. Indeed, Kibaki has joined in the league of disgraced corrupt and evil African dictators. That’s all I have to say.

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