Will the Real Patriot Please Stand up

What has been happening in Kenya for the past three weeks is nothing short of tragedy and bewilderment. With over 600 people dead, countless injured or homeless; someone has to ask: Will the TRUE patriot of Kenya please stand up!

Until now, neither Raila Odinga or Mwai Kibaki have demonstrated their love for their country. Perhaps Mwai Kibaki being the least patriot of all. How many poor Kenyan souls have to perish before Mr. Kibaki stops the bloodshed? How many innocent children and their mothers have to be hacked to pieces or burned alive before Mr. Kibaki steps down and allows for a new election? How many slum dwellers have to die for the presidency of Mr. Kibaki? A thousand? A million? Is presidency that important? Don’t they realize all the politicians in Africa who have chosen the path of bloodshed to power have not succeeded?

I sometimes spend hours thinking about what is so important about being a president in Africa that politicians are more than happy to sacrifice millions of their fellow countrymen in order to get or stay in power – yet I never conclude one person’s life is worth a lifetime of absolute power. I know I may sound naive, but I don’t see the allure of power when such a power doesn’t last.

What is going on in Kenya right now is exactly the path to years of civil war. I don’t even know why Mr. Kibaki chose to rig the election when he could’ve just suspended the constitution and declare himself the absolute ruler of Kenya – that way, he could brutalize everyone in Kenya. Instead, now he is the corrupt senile power-graping guy who will stop at nothing to stay in power, even though he thinks he was elected “democratically.”

On the other hand, Raila Odinga seems to prefer the bloodshed over other options. News flash! Mr. Kibaki doesn’t give a F%$K about dead Kenyans! So, the question is: Who cares about Kenya – Mwai Kibaki or Raila Odinga? For now, neither – at least something to that effect.

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