It is over!

Yep, the Writers Guild of America’s strike is officially over! I didn’t realize how important these writers are to society until they started striking. I know what I’m saying sounds quite childish and non-important in the bigger picture, but let me convince you that television and movie writers are very important. Number one, at least in my opinion, television writers contribute more to society than say, the diamond industry altogether. Secondly, writers of television programs actually start discussion on various issues that are usually not talked about at all until a television program brings the issue to the forefront. These issues range from teenage delinquency to drug abuse, spousal abuse, sexual ambiguity to religious differences.

But what I’m so happy about right now is the return of nightly satirical programs that poke fun at society’s dysfunctional problems while at the same time get their point across. It has been quite difficult watching shows like The Daily Show, which depended on their writers to put the day’s news in perspective while at the same time tickling our funny bones. Without these writers, we would’ve been stuck with absolutely abhorrent “reality shows” – a sign of society’s internal degeneration.

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