Negative Attacks

In what seems to be an escalating war of words, (online dating site) has started running a new negative ad against, the leading online dating site. In the ad, accuses of “rejecting people looking for love based on their appearances and personality,” which of course is the standard measure of a human being in the increasingly shallow online dating game. In its counterattack, held a news conference Friday in which it accused its rival of “distorting the facts” and “cheap shots.”

Called for comments, the CEO of Mike Smith said, “I’ve been asking to debate us for the last three months and have yet to get a response,” then he continued saying, “They know we have a better platform for hopeless people to find romance and if they accept to debate us, we’ll kick their ass.” Spokesman for immediately shot back saying, “We’ve already debated them 20 times so they’re just being sore losers.” According to John Smith (no relation), an expert online dating, “eharmony is now the leader in online dating in terms of ubiquitous commercials and happy stories, so it’s in their interest to maintain that facade,” as if fake commercials weren’t enough signs of weakness. However, he conceded that is just being a “pussy” for not accepting the debates.

Whether will accept the debate or not, only time will tell if’s negative attacks is working. For now, continues to annoy everyone who watches TV.

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