Officially Converted!

It is not easy to convert. That fact has been established long time ago. You must be wondering what conversion I’m talking about. And no, it’s not religion. Besides, why would I convert to a new religion just because I’m “discovering enlightenment” in college? Anyway, that is beside the point. I’m converting from PC to Mac. That’s right. I have officially chosen to become one of the 8% mac users in the world. Actually, that is kind of nice. It’s an exclusive club, without all the b.s. and pain of viruses, malware, adware and etc.

To get into this exclusive club, I had to shell out some serious dough, to the horror of my mom, who partially had to fund my conversion. I won’t go that into detail here since you’re only a click away from finding out the capital you need to finance a mac. There was also the problem of moving from PC to Mac, physically and mentally (that is right, there is a mental aspect to mac conversion). Like most PC users, I was used to the waiting and constant fear of freeze, viruses, weekly “critical updates” and so on. But now my time is spent doing the things I actually want to do seamlessly and effortlessly with class. I don’t worry about needing a patch or codec plug-in. I don’t spend hours looking for a document or a file in the millions of crappy applications that Bill Gates bundles with PCs, and as soon as I find the item, I have to get ANOTHER application to run it or forget about that file.

I honestly do not know why many people who can afford a mac still torture themselves with a Windows-run PC (by the way, I hear a lot of great things about Linux-run PC, so you may want to try that if you can’t afford a mac). The only reason I can come up for this behavior is psychology. People who are used to Windows honestly believe that there is nothing better than Windows is out there. On top of that, they have to fight the Goliath marketing of Microsoft, which is quite incredible. Before I go any further, let me just say that this post isn’t about Microsoft-bashing or Apple praising – it’s just that I believe buying a Windows Vista-run PC over Mac is beyond insanity, especially when you have the means and knowledge to choose wisely.

Before I became infatuated with Macintosh, I was certain that my next computer-purchase would be a Windows-run computer. In fact, I was quite excited about Vista and couldn’t wait to buy it. Then Vista was released and the world found out the horror of Vista. But, and this is a big but, I couldn’t take the words of others about Vista’s flaws. This was the beginning of 2007 so as the year went on I had couple of opportunities to install/set up new PCs running Windows Vista for friends. My experience with Vista was absolutely, utterly bad. I can remember trying to set up my friend’s Acer PC running Vista and spending between 3-4 hours on just setting up because Vista was impenetrable.

Needless to say, my hope on getting a new Windows-run pc was forever shattered and that is when I started looking for an alternative. It would not be an exaggeration if I say I’m truly happy with my mac purchase and am never going back!

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6 thoughts on “Officially Converted!

  1. Tommy Peters

    I am about to take the plunge too but I hear Safari is not full-on yet and alternative browsers are sought. Any traction on this?

  2. Om

    I know what you mean, Tommy, but Safari is not bad. However, speaking personally, I’ve been used to Firefox and mac works with Firefox perfectly…why don’t you use Firefox instead of Safari. Even if you don’t buy mac anytime soon, I’d highly suggest you use Firefox instead of IE.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Tommy Peters

    Thanks Om. I do use Firefox on my PC and your post is helping me decide on my impending Mac. I ran through and admired Apple from the 70s and I believe they held their nose when they had to switch from Motorola to Intel. They could not help it I suppose when MacroMedia switched camps. I have very little reason now not to come over. Cheers Tommy

  4. Om

    You’re very welcome, Tommy. Change is hard; after all, we’re humans, but all I know is that you will not regret your mac switch in terms of personal use; work is an entirely different thing since Windows is supreme in the corporate world…but that’s what Parallel and/or Boot Camp is for.

    Btw, keep me posted when you officially take the plunge; I’ll continue to post how my switch is going as I continue to use my mac so others can use that to make their transition smoother.

  5. Tommy Peters

    Om, though the Penryn iMac is due soon, I wrote the cheque for a 24 Extreme. You were right about Safari. Downloading YouTube vids via Safari are a breeze and that’s where my iPod will figure in. I’ll keep you posted .. Cheers Tommy

  6. Tommy Peters

    Well Om, I pick up an iMac and learnt something about Safari. Your comments will help…. Cheers

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