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A new survey released by the Pew Foundation this week finds that more Americans are becoming “unaffiliated” while at the same time more Americans are becoming more religious i.e. rigid, fanatical, extremists, Pat Robertson, et al. The study also finds that Hindus are the best educated and among wealthiest Americans – no surprise there at all. But what was surprising was the fact that Muslims are about to beat Mormons in terms of children making! Wow, this is a big achievement for Muslims, to finally be perceived for something other than terror/violence in America. I mean, doesn’t that just depress Mormons? I feel for you, Mormons. Don’t give up.

On the other hand, the study suggests that most of the “unaffiliated” are former Catholics. No surprise there either since there were millions of child molestation lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against the Catholic church in the past 7 years. Anyway, what does “unaffiliated” mean? It seems that a lot of people are describing themselves as such these days because Atheism or Agnostic terms are mostly associated with negativity in the American religious landscape, even if the atheists/agnostics don’t want to admit it. In fact, an earlier survey found that the majority of Americans who describe themselves as “religious” or have some kind of religious affiliation, strongly dislike atheists/agnostic to the point where many of the surveyed said they’d rather have their child date/marry a Muslim than an atheist/agnostic. Ouch. That says a lot when you’re even hated more than Muslims in America.

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4 thoughts on “American Religion X

  1. This seems real interesting. Do you have a link to the survey?

    By the way, i’m going to add your link to my blog.


  2. Om

    Thnx for the add, blackstone. Here’s the survey link:

    And yes, Power to the People!

    PS: Check out Stephen Gowan’s What’s Left blog @

  3. When you gonna update this blog! Haha, i keep comming back and see its not updated. 😦

  4. Om

    I’m sorry blackstone – have been busy on life, you know. But I’m back now! Thnx for sticking with me~~~

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