Misadventures of Imperialism

It’s five years since the “liberation” of Iraq began. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost while millions more ruined. Trillions of dollars wasted. Yet America is hated by more people in the world than at any point in the twentienth and twenty-first century. The view of America as the New Evil Empire is strengthened and embraced by people on every corner of the world – from Baghdad to Bamako, from Rabbat to Riyadh –  America is now viewed through the sole actions of one cowboy from Crawford, Taxes. Is it any wonder that our world is now more fraught with constant danger and nuclear-threat? Is it any wonder that we are one misunderstanding or arrogance move away from total annihilation of our world as we know it? I digress… The media, particularly the press in the West, continually perpetuate the propaganda that is invented by certain individuals/entities in the West that Iran and North Korea are a threat to “world peace” – funny, I feel these two countries are the least danger to world peace. I believe, without any doubt, if World War III is to occur in our lifetime, it will not be started by these countries. I hope I’m wrong about World War III, but if neo-imperialists and its brethren Zionists continue to dictate world agenda, World War III is sadly, utterly inevitable. I hope I’m wrong. 

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