My Problem With The Associated Press

I often stumble on an Associated Press wire stories and almost always I find something deeply disturbing about their stories, particularly how they report it. During the Election crisis in Kenya, the AP was reporting in every piece that “Kenya was a prosperous democracy in Africa” before the election or “Kenya was an economic powerhouse” in Africa. I complained about this in my posts about the violence in the aftermath of those elections. I have read countless AP dispatches that are either flat-out biased or amazingly ill-informed of the facts. Once again, I was not disappointed today in an article entitled “Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim,” in which a “Muslim” man converts to Catholicism.

The article goes into a great detail about the ceremony itself and the Pope’s remarks. But the problem of this article is that the man, Magdi Allam, an Egyptian newspaper commentator married to a Catholic woman, is not a Muslim and was never a Muslim because he says so himself in the article! How incompetent are these people to quote a man that is directly contradicting the premise of their article’s? In the article they tell us that Mr. Allam is a prominent “Muslim” who is very critical of extremists and Islam in general, which is fine considering the fact that he HAS a right to say and express his opinion, but the problem is when a news organization like the AP says this man is a “prominent Italian Muslim,” we expect to learn that the man was at least a “former Muslim” but has now left Islam because such and such.

However, what we learn in the article is a man (in his own words) who NEVER prayed five times a day in his life (a requirement for an adult person to be considered a Muslim), NEVER fasted once in his life (again, a requirement), and is a proud Zionist who has written a book advocating for the annihilation of the Palestinian people, a sign that should’ve alerted these incompetent people at the AP. Mr. Allam never claims in the article to have ever been a Muslim, although his mom was a devout Muslim and once accompanied her in her pilgrimage to Maccah. In fact, Mr. Allam tells the AP that he had a Communion when he was “13 or 14” – again, a red flag that the monkeys at the AP have conveniently overlooked. Any intelligent person knows that Egypt has the largest Christian population in the Middle East, perhaps an indication that leaves one to wonder if Mr. Allam was a Christian all of his life but just never professed it in public. Whatever the case maybe, the AP did a great disservice to Mr. Allam and more importantly, to themselves.

Needless to say, never take any Associated Press’s articles as facts or unbiased, but if you do, check their facts because the majority of the time the AP is full of shitty information, so consume at your own peril.

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2 thoughts on “My Problem With The Associated Press

  1. wow, i seen the headline but didn’t read the article. i’m speechless

  2. Om

    I think if you read any of the AP’s dispatches with critical eye, you find that it’s the most biased and poorly written press in the world, and that is saying a lot.

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