The Palestine of Africa

I’m sitting in the library of my school, very comfortable with music blasting from my laptop through my bluetooth headset wondering when I want to go eat something. Yet someone in Somalia that I know is starving, sick, or displaced by fighting. At this moment a lot of thoughts are going through my head – from regret, shame, sadness, to flat-out anger. I know I can’t do anything for those that are suffering in Somalia – former friends, schoolmates, neighbors – while I’m enjoying my life and its privileges here, yet I’m haunted and saddened by these facts. How can I wonder about when and what to eat while knowing someone that I’ve known in my previous life is unable to find anything to eat, much less than decide when and what to eat?  

Like the people of Palestine, Somalis are being punished for being human beings. Like Palestinians, they’re being occupied, denigrated,  killed, raped for being a human being. For more than a year, Somalis have been suffering under the transgression and genocide-intended occupation of Ethiopia with tacit and military support of the Great Democratizer THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Report after report, every humanitarian organization in the world has declared Somalia as the worst man-made (of course by USA) humanitarian disaster in the past 15 months- worst than Iraq (USA again), Sudan and Congo, thanks to Mr. George W. Bush.  How can someone do these horrible things and claim to be the follower of Jesus (Peace be with Him)? How can a human being do this to millions of people and sleep at night? How can he? 

Moreover, only one country in THE WORLD has spoken against Ethiopia’s illegal transgression and occupation of a sovereign nation since the invasion and that was Italy, I believe (I could be wrong). As reported by aid agencies, two million Somalis live on hand-out from humanitarian aid – that is about 25% of the whole country. And if I’m doing the math correctly, some 80% of the population of the capital city Mogadisho have either been internally displaced or murdered by an “internationally recognized troops.” Yet only few media outlets are reporting this catastrophe caused by George W. Bush and Meles Zenawi. Why? Why has the press turned its back on its duties? Why aren’t we seeing images of children with bloated-stomachs hanging from their mother’s dry breasts? Why hasn’t anyone and I do mean anyone report this injustice being done to the people of Somalia? Perhaps the world has had enough of Africa’s sufferings. It is a shame.

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5 thoughts on “The Palestine of Africa

  1. Omondi

    No other nation labels its people “Al-qaeda” except the protagonist in somalia. Countries like egypt, yemen and saudi arabia – where al-qaeda operative hail from – are never heard labeling their opponents as al-qaeda.
    Presidential contender Mccain now refers to somalia as places where al-qaeda are active.
    Meles Zenawi has oppositions of all types within ethiopia, but only refers to the terrorist in somalia. The Hawiye’s that joined hands with Abdillahi Yusuf in calling somalis terrorist and al-qaeda can now reap the fruits (millions of innocent somalis displaced and suffering). By the way, the hawiye Ali Gedi was paid off handsomely millions of dollars and can now retire in luxury.

    When these so called TFG were being assembled in luxury hotels in Nairobi, where was the voice of opposition then? Can we ascribe all this to ignorance, especially when dealing with the CIA.

  2. Om

    I think by referring the TFG as a “nation” or a “government,” you are legitimizing an occupation (I don’t think that is what you meant, btw) by the puppeteers of Bush (TFG and Zenawi). Everyone knows the absurdity of Mr. Yusuf’s assertions and his invite to bomb the people of Somalia (as he proudly declared “the USA has a ‘right’ to bomb and do whatever it needs to do in Somalia – hint: handsome deposit to his Swiss account).

    As for Mr. Zenawi, Somalia was a good opportunity to silence the majority of the people of Ethiopia, which never supported his invasion of Somalia. Again, it is a tactic move to strengthen his power grip on Ethiopia and its people.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if Abdulahi Yusuf and Meles Zenawi are the culprit of the plight of Somalia because they are a mere pawn used by Bush to keep the American public frightened like a babies.

  3. Omondi

    by nation i didn’t mean an entity with borders, jurisdiction and legitimacy – but nation as in the sense of people. A people is the right word then.
    As for pawns, it is tragic that people like abdillahi yusuf and zenawi have caused so much harm. As long as somalis go along with being labeled ‘terrorist’, alqaeda, etc the suffering will not end: it is a trap-door into the ‘military industrial complex’.

  4. Om

    Well, that is the luck of Somalia.

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