Cliff Hanger, Again!

The U.S. strike in Somalia on Thursday killing Aadan Ayro will leave us another cliff hanger for the “peace” process initiated by the U.N. and is supposed to take place ten days from now. Indeed, the TFG and Meles Zenawi are celebrating but does that make them the winner? Al-Shabaab is going to replace Ayro faster than they can clean up the after-party but the question is, why is the U.N. wasting money on these warlords and thugs of the TFG? And for that matter, why is there a “peace” conference when the head of the TFG already declared “The Prime Minister can go and talk to them but none of their demands will be accepted under any circumstances” regarding the Alliance of the Re-liberation of Somalia (the opposition)?

The sad fact is Somalia is doomed and no outside help or interference will fix it. Think about it: there have been over 16 “peace conferences” since 1991 held in various countries but none of them have resulted in anything, except more powerful warlords and thugs. On the other hand, the Union of Islamic Courts got one chance and they blew it on frivolous things like banning television, movies, hairstyles, and threats of war against Ethiopia for Ogaden. So if the “secular” front produces only tribal thugs and warlords and the religious front produces only egomaniacs bent on instituting Taliban-style government on populous that have always been moderate, what is left for Somalia? More cliff hangers, perhaps?

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7 thoughts on “Cliff Hanger, Again!

  1. I think when left alone, the Somali people are capable of forming a legitimate and viable coalition based government that satisfies all the warring parties in Somalia. The genesis of the Somali problem lies in the fact, that the tough tasks of peace and nation building have been out-sourced to a bono fide despot and human rights abuser by the International Community. America made a strategic blunder by placing all its eggs in the Meles Zenawi regime and he is essentially black-mailing them claiming that if he doesn’t get his way, “Al-Qaida” will follow him and the West into the rest of the region. He got us by the balls and this administration has failed the American People. That is why it is immensely important that we take back the White House in 08

  2. Om

    I couldn’t put it better so Amen to that.

  3. cigaal

    The pentagon or the armed wing of the american policy makers is the one setting the agendas, and the genocidal results in somalia. The UN, the international communities and similar entities are shops to front these policies; the so called conferences were shams. Here’s one just conducted in oslo:

    As you mentioned the warlords (TFG) and other greedy individuals collude in selling out their people. Then you have the islamist, many with an apocalyptic vision of life and a misunderstanding of islam, who see the idea of military confrontation as a gateway to heaven.

    I think a somali identity and a vision for a life and a future for our people is what is needed. We need to advocate for nonviolent solutions, and empower the somalis to find local solutions for their problems.

  4. Om

    Cigaal, don’t you see we’re screwed?

    The outside world conspires to destroy what’s left of Somalia by any means and the warlord thugs and religious fanatics inside Somalia are slowly eating away the very existence of the country. I really don’t have any hope for my beloved Somalia. Somalia is eternally and hopelessly doomed – unless the U.S. policy makes 180-degree turnaround and Somalis create a government free of warlord/tribal thugs and religious fanatics (moderate leaders like Sh. Sharif Ahmed is not in this group).

    It should also be noted that Somalis are almost 100% Muslims and Islam is part of their culture and tradition so it is absolutely absurd to expect pure secularism as the only government that Somalia can have; that may have been possible under dictatorship but not under democratic government. America is not a pure secularism, nor is Europe, so why are Somalis expected to accept such conditions?

    Somalia can only become governed state if secularism and theocratic elements are allowed to co-exist, like a modified version of Pakistan.

  5. cigaal

    I think you understood who meant as having apocalyptic vision, and under this extreme situation of a major portion of the world is conspiring to condemn the somali people to misery and suffering, their reactions are understandable. But it is counterproductive and plays into the hands of the enemy. However, the legitimate right of the somali people to defend themselves against the ethiopian invasion, the TFG quislings and those financing and backing this unjust war on the somali people, is absolute. This is a fundamental human right. Here’s a vision from Professor Hussein Adan that is still valid today:

    And I agree with this:

  6. Hurdaaye

    There is no hope for Somalia. Baraanbaro has much better chance of survival in its kingdom than the average Somali in his country. TFG forces shoot, Somalis die. Al-Shabaab fire back in revenge, Somalis die. Ethiopians bomb so do their allies. I don’t understand this policy of bombing or shooting up to the finish line to victory. The shooter or the fire power may come in different sizes and shapes, but the end causality is the death of Somali. In other words, for a long seventeen years, pain was inflicted on Somalis by other Somali. And tragically, no foreseeable end to this violence. No exaggerations in saying Somalis are their own enemies.

    All these years of war and ongoing violence could have been avoided if Somalis were to put their differences aside and work for their own common good. They don’t need to love or hug each other. They just need to like each other enough just to co-exit and refrain from violence. I for one, don’t see any hope out of this conflict. The country is doomed. Prepare yourself to retire in the Bahamas or elsewhere.

  7. Om


    No exaggeration at all: Somalis are their very own worst enemies. But remember that there are other elements that heavily invested in dividing and keeping Somalia in anarchy – mainly Ethiopia. Abdullahi Yusuf was one of the warlords who was being funded by Ethiopia in the overthrow of Siad Bare, along with other warlords. Somalis can only come to find out their common good only after realizing that the Ethiopian government is their common enemy – until then, it’s waste of time and energy in trying to create government in Somalia because Ethiopia will do everything in its power to destroy that. The one thing that Siad Bare knew was Ethiopia was no good neighbor and for that, I give him credit.

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