I happen to come across this article discussing about Switzerland’s citizenship process. Apparently in Switzerland, citizenship is defined by something entirely different than the rest of the 194 countries of the world (including the spanking brand new Kosovo!). Essentially, Switzerland uses what it calls “democracy” citizenship where people who are born in the country (forget those immigrant asswipes) are first put through rigorous “tests” that include language skills, moral character (is he or she a Christian first), and other bullshits that I couldn’t care to list them because they defy logic. In this Dark Age place, the wanna-be citizen’s name is put on a voting ballot, along with his or her description, which essentially is the person’s name and “nationality” as in Turkish or Serbian (in other words, is he or she pure white Swiss). If the person is lucky, he or she maybe “white” enough that the citizens of the town will award him or her citizenship. If they suspect the person’s name is too “foreign” or his/her face is too brown or black, tough luck. No appeals or retakes. 

This process used to be “secret” ballot – as in, if you were voting against, say a Congolese or Turkish guy for the simple reason of you being a racist prick, it would totally hide the real reason. But the Swiss Supreme court overturned this secret ballot about five years ago because it was essentially a way to legitimize discrimination against someone even though he or she may have completely aced the necessary “tests” the government required. Furthermore, the Supreme allowed people who were rejected in the “open” election to get either an appeal or another shot to run for another citizenship election the following year. 

I don’t know what world these Swiss live in but it sure isn’t the 21st century. I thought waiting for five years to become a citizen as an immigrant in the U.S. was too harsh but learning a country like Switzerland existed gives me a whole ‘nother perspective on things. Seeing the two men in the article who know nothing but Switzerland being denied their basic right as human beings through the same process that espouses to bring freedom and justice used as a tool to oppress and denigrate them is just beyond the comprehension of rational people. But at least the Swiss have finally chose a side. 

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3 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. I’ve always found Swiss naturalization laws disgusting. I wonder why anyone would choose Switzerland over the rest of the European nations given these blatantly bigoted and xenophobic laws. Isn’t it enough that Swiss banks have always been a haven for African monsters who rob their people blind? Remind me not to put this country on my holiday list.

  2. cigaal

    what if immigrants congregate in the same neighborhood and vote their friends in? many places in europe have kept their old ways intact and cultural arrogance. these same people think they know everything about the world, theirs is the best and the arrogant attitude that follows. in reality, they’re are not any different from the redneck texans or the appalachians (only that their american cousins have learned courteous manners), but these are disgustingly rude, ignorant people in general.
    the less affluent places in eastern europe have better people with humility, according to my experience.

  3. Switzerland’s policy on immigration is abhorable but there are others like France and Germany whose policies aren’t all that great either. And let’s not even mention the Scandinavian countries. Europe needs a massive overhaul on its policies towards immigrants.

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