Here We Go Again

Just read a press release that announced the TFG and the opposition reached a “deal” in Djibouti. Ethiopia will withdraw its troops under two conditions: The fighting stops and a U.N. peacekeepers are deployed to Somalia, then, only then will Ethiopia draw its troops from Somalia AFTER the U.N. peacekeepers have already been on the ground for 4 months. 

All I have to say is “In Your Dream!”. 

The cool part is that none of the people who are ACTUALLY fighting Ethiopia and its puppet warlords have any clue what is going on in Djibouti, much less than sign a peace deal. So the international donors are duped into believing that the group who signed the “peace deal” are the representative of the Somali people’s struggle against Ethiopia/TFG and those who continue to fight after the “peace deal” are just a bunch of terrorists that will have to be eliminated at any cost – which of course you guys in the U.N. and U.S./European Union have to fund us to do so. Brilliant! But the thing is, I’ve seen this movie before – I wonder if the U.S./European Union and U.N. donors have? I’m sure a lot of us Somalis can read out loud the dialogues of this movie line by line by heart.

And the sad thing is those group from the opposition who signed this sham photo-op deal are going to get paid handsomely but it leads to a very weakened opposition and the only legitimate opposition against Ethiopia and its warlord thugs. I hate Abdullahi Yusuf, but as a student of political science, I have to admit he’s a brilliant son of a bitch. If only he used his gift for the good of his people.

Realizing Somalia will not get close to peace as long as Abdullahi Yusuf is alive, I’ve put my hopes on peace and stability only after Abdullahi Yusuf is dead and most of his fellow thugs are dead or in jail. I reckon that will take a long time, but I’m hopeful I’d live to see it. 

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3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. cigaal

    How do they reconcile the fact that Ethiopia is facing a serious famine and this business of invading somalia? During the short peace period somalia had bumper crops, evidenced by people I know, and farmers were complaining about cheap WFP import disrupting the market. It is not abdillahi yusuf but the West have generally resented the somali independent mind. That’s the price. Aluta continua.

  2. Om


    I was referring to the political stalemate in Somalia that’s essentially the problem of Somalia. I blame Abdullahi Yusuf because he is the one who brought Ethiopia to Somalia, although you may argue otherwise, and is still determined to keep Somalia’s enemy in Somalia for the foreseeable future. Yusuf is insistent on keeping Ethiopia in Somalia as long as he has any opposition against him exist in Somalia. To me, a country without an opposition is a country that doesn’t exist.

  3. cigaal

    you are right OM. I agree with you 100%. abdillahi yusuf and people like him have destroyed somalia. people like abdillahi yusuf are called quislings here, or traitors.
    the situation is very bad right now, with famine and starvation, lets pray for the people. Amiin.

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