M. Night Shyamalan Must Die

Although I consider myself as a movie aficionado, I never take the time out to write a movie review on this blog. That changes today. Over the weekend I saw The Happening, the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, who is known for making “horror” thrillers. I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on seeing this Happening. The only movie of Shyamalan I remember enjoying is The Sixth Sense, only because it had a nice twist at the end and all the symbolism he infused throughout the movie.

But watching The Happening was like a very tired person unable to sleep – waiting for something exciting to Happen for one hour and half, only to see the end credits roll. To his credit, he had a good premise – toxic air causing unexplained “happenings,” albeit a laughable Happenings. But having a science teacher as the main character (Mark Walhberg) and not having him do anything remotely science-y is just absurd and insulting to the audience. Without exaggeration, this is the worst horror/thriller movie I have ever seen and that just makes me want to kill M. Night Shyamalan since I can’t ask for a refund. 

My friend took me to see this film and paid for it but I couldn’t be more infuriated than if I had paid this Shamalam asshole my hard-earned money. He is a thief and the worst writer I have ever seen write multimillion dollar movies. What is more outrageous is how this con-man is allowed to make films while hundreds of fantastic scripts languish in some talented screenwriter’s hard-drive and a bigger number of gifted directors are out of work. I digress…

See The Happening only if you are a student of cinematography, which isn’t Shyamalan’s work; otherwise avoid This Not ‘Happening’ film at all cost. I guess this may arouse some people’s cat-like curiosity to see just how bad this movie is, but if this is the case, wait for the dvd release or google is at your finger tips. Use your imagination, my friend. 

And yes, M. Night Shyamalan Must Die. 

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7 thoughts on “M. Night Shyamalan Must Die

  1. Om, I read the first few lines and when I realized there would be spoilers, dude, I had to stop reading.

    Though I read your last line by accident, I’m still seeing the movie 😀

  2. Om

    Hahaha…Aya, there is absolutely nothing to spoil. I know M. Night is known for twists, especially at the end of his movies. But there were none at all; only end credit roll. I beg you my sister, don’t waste your $9.00 plus gas and one and half hour of your life. It would be better if you take a walk in the park or watch some crappy reality television or just read something…

  3. LOL, now that you put it that way, I will avoid it till it comes out on HBO for free.

    Speaking of films and television, I just rented the first season of The Wire. It’s not bad for a police drama but I don’t know what the big fuss is. NYPD Blue and Homicide did it very well in the 90s.

  4. Om

    I promise you Aya, you will thank me later when you watch The Happening~~~

    I think the big fuss is The Wire gets only more compelling as the serious goes. You should look forward to season 4, when they explore public schools and all the politics that goes with. But the thing is, you will either absolutely love this show or hate it.

    Btw, Homicide and The Wire were created and mainly written by the same guy, David Simon, who was himself a crime reporter in Baltimore.

  5. ^ That explains it, Om! He did a pretty good job on both.

    I heard all kinds of rave reviews about season 4 so I can’t wait to watch it. The public school politics storyline sounds very interesting. If you’re into marathon series watching and haven’t seen it yet, try Dexter.

  6. Om

    Aya, you must’ve read my mind because it was about time that I got back to Dexter from my usual mid-season interruption with life’s daily hassles.

    Here’s the thing: I started watching Dexter in season TWO, then I went back to season one but I only managed to watch the first 3 episodes so now I have start all over and thoroughly enjoy it at one go while I’m off from school. I gotta tell you, though, my fave show, Weeds, is back this week and I can’t tell you how psyched I’m~~~

    I’m already craving for my next hit and can’t wait till Monday…

  7. cigaal

    i dunno much about movies. It took me 50sec reading the title, and thought OM had got himself into an execution case. The nearest thing to movies that lasts 90 min and have me kicking my chairs and I watch is football. We’re geared for the EURO08 quarter finals now.

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