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I’m zeroing on my study abroad destination, although I’m still hesitant and feel as if I’m about to tie the knot. I always knew Rio De Jenero wasn’t going to happen, but the thought of it was just too damn dreamy. I can’t believe there is only one program in the entire MIddle East. Imagine that. Africa does a little better with three programs in Ghana, Namibia, and of course South Africa, which I have designated as ‘places not to go to’. I don’t have anything against my South African brothers but the way things have been going on lately, I’m afraid my nomad ass will be mistaken for a shop owner.

That leaves only Ghana and Namibia to choose from the motherland. Namibia’s program is A) in the summer and B) is either for science-y majors or parks/recreation and tourism majors. I wonder why would someone want to go to Namibia of all places to study tourism. I mean, I didn’t even know ‘tourism’ was a major not that long ago. As for Ghana, there is one excellent program that I can choose but I’m not sure if the little comforts I clearly enjoy now will be available, like a reliable electricity, an internet connection, and a food that is not fufu.

But then again, my major isn’t exactly going to take me to a posh office in NY or a business meeting in London. 

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6 thoughts on “Study Abroad

  1. Why wouldn’t your major take you to offices in NY and London? Any major can take you there if you play your cards right.

    I am exactly like you with the comforts! I don’t know if I can do Africa again for an extended period of time.

    Have you considered Spain? They have some pretty impressive universities if you can transfer your credits back.

  2. Om

    You’re right Aya, any major can take you anywhere but the reason why I chose International Studies is to avoid 9-5 in an office. Wallahi I can’t see myself going through a monotonous routine for the rest of my career.

    The thing about the study abroad is I want to study in a ‘second’ or ‘third’ world country to enhance my resume while at the same time I don’t have to learn a whole new language to study. And of course, affordability is @ the top of my list. I’d love to go to Spain (my friend is planning to go there even though he just started studying Spanish) and I’ve given it a serious thought but the goddamn dollar is useless on top of the already insane tuition and board.

  3. cigaal

    if u know people who are keen on medicine or allied fields id advice Romania, a place like cluj-napoca. places like hungary used to be affordable but it’s getting expensive. cluj-napoca is a decent place, a student town, and good standards and affordable.

  4. Om

    I hear you man, but is Romania still a medicine destination – I thought that was the Soviet era, no?

  5. cigaal

    yeah – and nice.

  6. I agreed with you

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