Useless Day

Does this ever happen to  other people: your off from work and school so you decide to do something you want to do, but end up doing nothing that’s neither useful or you want to do? How may times does this ever happen? 

When I woke up this morning I had plenty of things I wanted to do: read the Qur’an, go shopping for summer-ish cloth, and hang out with someone I care about. Instead, I spend my whole day arguing with a human wall who doesn’t understand that writing a letter to the United Nation’s Refugee Resettlement Agency on behalf of your crazy nephew in East Africa doesn’t bring them here. I have already written two e-mails on behalf of this boofis-consumed individual (I don’t know the equivalent word of boofis in English – but it’s a word Somalis use to describe someone who spends day and night talking, thinking, and dreaming about emigrating to the West), which has resulted in nothing.

So today, because of this guy’s boofis-induced state of mind that concocted wild story, I had to spend my whole day explaining at length and eventually writing the useless letter. I’m all for helping out someone who has a “case” that needs help with translation and bureaucracy stuff, but I absolutely resent being asked to do the same thing over and over again, which I know leads to nowhere. 

I’ve gone through the process myself like millions of people and I know it by heart but when this guy thinks that a letter written on behalf of him by his elderly aunt (in which she will say she’s willing to take the financial burden of the trip, blah blah) will magically bring him from Jomo Kenyatta to JFK, I feel angry and disrespected. Just listening to his logical thinking infuriates me. 

People who have boofis are obsessive compulsive on top of having all the psychological disorders found on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder. I wasn’t doing for him but for his elderly aunt that happens to be my distant aunt. What is criminal about this guy is how he manipulates his elderly aunt day after day. I wish I still had my Mungiki connection so I can have him bumped off.

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2 thoughts on “Useless Day

  1. Ugh @ writing letters for relatives. And calling agencies. And going to appointments for medical, dental, legal purposes. People, enough already!

    “………..and hang out with someone I care about.”

    Details, please. 😀

  2. Om

    hahahahaaaa…Aya! You know a gentlemen doesn’t kiss and tell:-) I give you credit for having a knack for little details that most ppl skimp on.

    Of the post, I’m used to the letter writing, uncomfortable translations, and over the phone battles with various bureaucrats, but I hate wasting time and energy on dead-end battles.

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