Isn’t amazing this evil madmen was hiding nowhere for over a decade while the world was convinced he was hiding in the remote mountains of Serbia. It just goes to show that mass murders will always get away for the most part. Now all politician are chanting ‘this is a great day for international justice.’ I hope they don’t pull a Milosevic again. Actually, they’ve already indicated this guy’s trial will take up to six years. Right.

Crazy evil Serb

Crazy evil Serb




Well, keep me posted for his ‘sudden’ death in his prison cell.  

Karadzic Arrest Is First Step In Legal Process

UPDATE: Apparently Karadzid was protected by the CIA all these years. I thought The Hunting Party exaggerated the facts “little” but everything in that movie turns out to be 100% accurate after all. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the biggest mass murderers of the twentieth century were protected and sheltered by the great Lady Liberty itself.

Here’s the original article based on the movie. A great read, by the way.

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2 thoughts on “Karadzic

  1. Can you believe he was practicing as a doctor?

  2. Om

    Alternative medicine! How funny is that?? Imagine the Oliver Stone movie about this guy’s life…lol.

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