The Dog Days of Summer

I never knew bloggers also have ‘slow cycles’. I clearly didn’t plan out to neglect my blog this long but it feels as if I’m in a slow-motion period, where everything takes forever to come to a conclusion. Not only have I neglected this blog but I haven’t really been paying much attention to what’s going on in the world either.

I guess researching a study abroad destination and all the things that come with it plus life’s usual daily grind isn’t exactly all that slow. However, I’m ready for school now. Just not the reading, writing, exams, and studying part.

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3 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Tell me about these cycles, Om. My actual life is as slow and uninspired as my blog.

    How is the research going? Have you picked a destination?

  2. It seems to have hit everyone of us. My life is the slowest it’s ever been. I have even for the first time in my life become a social recluse.

    Have you decided on where you’ll do your study abroad?

  3. Om

    Aya, I don’t know why everything gets slow this time of the year….it’s just bland! I don’t like it.

    AMTAF!, you not alone – in fact, I haven’t gone outside the house except for work. I’m just dying for school to start, even though I’m not looking forward to busting my ass!

    I actually have decided on a destination but I want to make sure everything goes through before I tell anyone, including my parents because I don’t want to have an egg on my face if it doesn’t work out. I have a ‘general advising’ on August 4th so I’ll see what happens.

    Wish me luck:-)

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