Somali Democratic Republic?

I was just trying to register my new address with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services online, and as part of ‘what country of citizenship’ question, I looked for ‘Somalia’ but apparently there are three different types of Somalia: regular, messed up, worst humanitarian crisis ‘Somali’, ‘Somaliland’, and a new country now called ‘Somali Democratic Republic’. It is interesting because I didn’t know such a Somali Democratic Republic country existed before. I always thought it was just plain Somalia (at least since the Siad Bare government).

Take note that even though the U.S. does not recognize Somaliland as a country, nonetheless one of its agencies  does. Quite perplexing to say the least. As for Somali Democratic Republic, which apparently is not the same as war-torn Somalia that I come from, I have no idea which country that is. Maybe there are Somali Democratic Republic citizens reading this post. If so, please tell me about this wonderful country called Somali Democratic Republic. 

For now, I’m still sticking with just Somalia.

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6 thoughts on “Somali Democratic Republic?

  1. rooble

    loooooooool ,,, The Somali Democratic is the former Somalia. It has that name before but we don’t use it frequently. In Somali it was Jamhuuriyadda Dimuqraadiga Somalia where the English translation would be “The Somali Democratic Republic” …… Not a big deal at all.

    Good to know they include Somaliland in their list.

  2. salahudiin

    Well, the Siad bare Government was Somali Democratic Republic, these days, u don hear that often cause no body uses it frequently… but I am also surprised that Somaliland is becoming quite popular.

  3. cigaal

    it’s me your friend from Somaliland, Om. Remember from Timacade to yours truly we love all somalis. Om, I hope everything works out for you InshaAllah and that you enjoy your study destination.

  4. Om

    You know that’s what I thought but that’s a government that doesn’t exist so why would they categorize one country into two. People will get confused.

    Cigaal, thank you my dear friend. Insha’allah, I will take the most advantage wherever I go. I’ll definitely write on this blog if any interesting things happen to me while I live there.

  5. tchd

    Jamhuuriyada dimuqraadiga ee Soomalia was the least descriptive title for Somalia during Barre, and sientific socialism? It sounds as though Somalia was some failed experiment. Maybe it was.

    Anyway, Omar if this is out of place, feel free to edit/delete my comment.

    Cigaalow, what I don’t get with Somalilanders is this need they have to alienate themselves from greater Somalia. I have the awesomest aunt (she is really my hooyo’s bestfriend, but by far, better than all my “real” aunts..combined) and she is reer-waqooyi-extraordinaire. Although she associates herself with Somaliland, she believes in Soomali Weyn.

    She explains that the lack of a stable government in Somalia added to the suffering Somalilanders were put in under Barre, they created a “national” (somaliland-national) feeling that led to the creation of the self-declared, independant state of Somaliland. But, she says, if Somalia gets redemption and a functioning government is created, she will gladly unite with her Somali brethren. This idea is not common with Somalilanders, that’s my experience, au contraire. “Nabad” or not, Somaliland will remain they say.

    All Somalis (whether they deny it or not) have respect and admiration for what Soomali Waqooyi have accomplished, but at the same time, the pretense that:
    “Well, we love and respect eachother but we will remain apart” serves no one. I am all up for federation and local governing, but really, total seperation will push the somali people deeper in the gutter.

  6. Om


    As an objective observer, I think you make a good argument and I’m sure Cigaal also has a good argument but what I’m encouraged to read in your comment is that you understand the issue at its basic foundation unlike many of us who just get mad and start insulting each other without actually listening to one another. I hope this is the new direction for this dialogue.

    PS: I wouldn’t dare edit or delete your thoughts – you own it!

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