Cold War is Back, Baby!

You thought you wouldn’t get a chance to relive the golden days of the Cold War? Think again. Russia is back with a spanking of Georgia (not the U.S. state my friend thought) on Thursday in about 1 1/2 minute. Although the Georgian president and the Bush Administration are BFF, nonetheless, it did not stop Russia from flexing its newly oil and natural gas wealth filled muscle for a quick delivery of can of whoop-ass, as they say in the States.

For people in my generation the term Cold War is something we’ve only heard from movies or our history teachers. I always thought the world needed at least two super-powers, just like evil needs to be counteracted by good. If we only have one super-power, well, we know what that’s like. Besides, that Georgian president really needs to have his mouth shut once and for all. For one, he did not win the January election fairly. Second, he thinks he has a right to start a war with Russia that the U.S. will automatically back him because he has the Bush Administration’s number on speed-dial.

Is it just me or this Saakhasvilli guy is a classic narcissist who can’t remove himself in front of the camera night and day? Every time I turn on the news, he’s right there blabbering nonsense when she should be doing what head of states do, mainly show dignity and restrain while letting his foreign minister do the diplomatic talk. Instead of using a dignified tone towards the West’s response and Russia, he’s thrash-talking as if he’s in a pick-up game.

Maybe I have an old-school view of international conflict and resolution, but still, Saakhasvilli really needs to keep his mouth shut for the most part and stay off of every cable news channel.

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One thought on “Cold War is Back, Baby!

  1. cigaal

    I hate war and it’s sad for the people who suffer it. Isn’t it ironic that Georgian soldiers are being ferried back from an illegal war in Iraq?

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