Keep Your Thoughts…

I like everything about Ramadan; I like the discipline, the self-control, and the forced slow-down of life for these 30 days. It takes a lot to do these and I think it’s cool that I’m one of the humanity that can say they’ve done this most of their life after I’m 9 feet under. 

But I have one problem: I can’t cuss. Now I should clarify that I don’t actually cuss out-loud even the rest of the year. I just cuss in my head, that’s all. But with Ramadan, at least during the day, I can’t cuss because the thought is the same thing as the action so if I do cuss, my fast automatically becomes Makrooh

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who cusses in his head.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Thoughts…

  1. yes you are, you actually cuss in your head?

    you know what we should ask an alim, whether half-cusses are haraam, I know people who say holy cannoli and what the fiqh?

    I have weird friends.

  2. Om

    Hahaha..what the figh! That is new to me. I’d say your friends are very creative:-)

    I think cussing is makrooh in most cases rather than flat out haraam.

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