And You Thought Mugabe Was Crazy

Even after Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai signed their power-sharing agreements, welcomed by, well, everyone, it seems that Imperial, sore-loser Britain will not lift their hideous sanctions against Zimbabwe.

“UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Zimbabwe’s new administration would have to make significant progress before the lifting of sanctions was considered.”

Oh well, it doesn’t matter what you useless jerks (the government) think or want – you just can’t handle rejection of your imperial ambitions. I guess you should send your super-spy Bond, James and assassinate Robert Mugabe.

PS: I’m always referring to the government of the UK, not its people.

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2 thoughts on “And You Thought Mugabe Was Crazy

  1. Ah, Great Britain’s grubby little fingers are itchy again. Don’t they have a few mercenaries to send over. They should just cut the diplomacy crap and send another blood relative of Thatcher.

  2. Om

    Hahaha…I guess they’re running out of options, Aya. You know they took their bloody ‘knighthood’ trophy from him as if it’s worth a cent. If Salman Rushdie can get that, what’s it worth?

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