Eid Mubarak Ya’ll!

It turns out my prediction of divided end to Ramadan somehow came true. It was the first time ever that most Muslim countries started this month together, which seemed would end the same way. Half of my family did not fast on Tuesday while the other half did. Our next door city made their Eid prayer on Tuesday while our city celebrated on Wednesday. As my friend would say, you gotta love the Muslims!

If you celebrated on Tuesday or Wednesday, Happy Eid anyway! And keep of the weight.

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5 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak Ya’ll!

  1. M.haji

    i always enjoy reading your blogs and i always wanted to post a comment!
    we celebrated on Wednesday here, Happy Eid to the Ummah.
    ps. how is your studies going bro?

  2. Om

    Hey! Eid Mubarak! Thank you for the kind words…I hope you comment more often so I know at least you were here:-)

    Alhamdullilah, my studies are going very well. It was tough during Ramadan but now it’s back to normal.

  3. cigaal

    isn’t it a mystery? it’s not an official holiday here but children get their permissions from school to celebrate Eid. i thought they had cracked it this year (i.e the date) and having read about an organization based in the UAE (islamic astronomical committee/society?) I was hoping they’d fix it. On Monday midday the astronomical society announced that the moon will be setting down before the sunset on Monday and no chance of witnessing the moon. The date was set for Wednesday. However, on Monday in the evening, another committee based in Saudia announced the Eid to be on Tuesday.
    greetings and a belated Eid mubarak.

  4. Om

    A big mystery, ain’t it, Cigaal? We somehow manage to become divided more often than united even on the most common sense issues. I hope we’re getting closer to more unity in this regard since now we’re using a scientific ‘method.’

    A belated Eid Mubarak to you and your family, my friend. I hope you had a wonderful Ramadan and Eid.

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