The Union of Islamic Courts Are Back, But still Extreme

Lately we’ve been hearing the comeback of the UIC in Central Somalia and part of Southern Somalia, particularly in Kismayo. Maxamed Ibrahim Macallimu, a reporter for the Somali section of the BBC finds two undeniable facts: the Union of Islamic Courts bring peace and stability to every place they control, but on the downside, they don’t tolerate behaviors that they disagree with – silly things that have ruined them in the past. In the piece, Macallimu interviews two truckers based in Central Somalia about the security situation. Both truckers speak enthusiastically about the improved road security in which they no longer have to deal with militia checkpoints and frequent robbing that plague the roads.

The UIC are also credited with stopping the chronic clan fights that contribute to the general lack of safety in the areas they now control. For Somalis, law and order is really all they want, which the illegitimate ‘Transitional Federal Government’ of Warlord/Thug Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed can never provide for Somalis even with the manpower and political backing of the “international community.”    

But the Union of Islamic Court’s notorious Talibanesque rule comes with the package. They’re still harassing people for silly things like hairstyles, watching a football match or a movie. I just wish these guys would focus on the larger picture, like winning the Somali population’s support against the warlords by continuing to provide greater security to the people, add social services to their arsenals, and cease their often indiscriminate attacks on TFG/Ethiopia/AU personell when civilians are present.

It’s quite difficult to choose from two extremes when all people want is the middle road. The Macallimu report can be listened through the link below. 

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5 thoughts on “The Union of Islamic Courts Are Back, But still Extreme

  1. Is it me, or is BBC making better reports! A little digression.

    Would it be better if the UIC hided their “talibanesque” ideologies, gained popularity and power,but later showed their true colours?

    Hardly, it would just be one more case of the Iran-bug.

    I simply cannot imagine a group such as the UIC ruling Somalia. Not only because of their rather conservative interpretation of Islam, but also because we live in a globalized world and I don’t think they are ready to accept that.

    To their defence, the cinemas of Mogadishu was filled with Qaat eaters, prostitutes and other fusq and haraam, they did good in closing them.

  2. Om


    They cannot hide their talibanesque ideology because it’s what drives them. So what I think they ought to do is learn to compromise in political and social issues IF they’re to be successful and get respect. You know this, most Somalis are not devout Muslims so it doesn’t make any sense to impose on the Somali populous the UIC brand of wahabism. I also respectfully disagree that it wasn’t necessary for them to close down cinemas and whip people on the streets. If you’re climbing a mountain, you’re eyes are focused on the peak and not below, so to speak.

    The problem of the UIC, I noticed, is that they have no clue how to govern a population so they try to govern the people like a hard-boiled madrasa.

  3. tchd

    Brother, I beg to differ.

    The somali majority has turned ‘religious’, whether this newfound piety is pure politics or sincere revertion to the deen, it’s for Him to decide. If Somalis opposed the neo-salafi-saudi-taliban-islam UIC teaches, UIC wouldn’t gain that much popularity.

    As for the radical Islamization of Somalia, I don’t believe it’s all bad. Granted cinemas is a small issue in the grand scheme, but you need to keep in mind that alcoholics, qaat-eaters and “the bad seeds” of the society flocked to such arenas. Maybe it’s a small step, but it’s a crucial step. “Cleaning our streets” is a slogan that carries an important message.

    I do not believe that the UIC is able to rule Somalia, not because they’re super-madrassa-teachers (it may sound politically incorrect, but Somalis need strict – borderline totalitarian – leaders) but because they’re unable to deal with other (non-muslim) nations.

    You can’t go around and call people infidels.

  4. a camel herder's daughter

    ^ that’s me, by the way!

  5. Om

    I actually agree with last two points you made.

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