I’m Not Out Yet

It’s that time of the year when every professor thinks your only taking his/her class and overload you with millions of assignments. I thought things would get a bit slow during October because usually November is the sink-or-swim month. Apparently as one gets close to graduation, the workload doubles. No one told me that. But that’s fine. Anyway, I have couple of good news I’d like to share with ya’ll regarding the study abroad situation.

I have been ‘accepted’ to the University of Hyderabad for spring semester ’09 and I have also been approved for my travel document (some of you are thinking what is a travel document but I’m sure most of you know what a refugee travel document IS). These were two big hurdles, especially the latter since those wonderful, hard-working US Immigration and Naturalization Services people take their sweet time often (my friend applied his in July and is hoping for a February approval at the latest). I’m now working on coughing up $6,300 to pay for the tuition, housing, and meals. It does not include air fair, the health insurance I’m required to buy ($60 a month) or the miscellaneous pocket money I need  on hand. Overall, alhamdullilah, it has been quite smooth.

After I manage to get these done, then I only have to worry about few things like entrance visa, travel shots, mandatory orientation, and packing. Speaking of packing stuff, has anyone ever tried those plastic spacebag travel bags shown on late night  infomercials? As someone who mistrusts anything shown on commercials, I have a hard time believing these bags will work but if you have any tips for me, please share! I’m looking at you Aya

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5 thoughts on “I’m Not Out Yet

  1. Woohoo, Om! Congrats on Hyderabad.

    Dude, I ain’t ne’er heard of travel bags. I pack the old fashioned way: 3 major suitcases, 2 carry-ons, laptop, purse, allergy/tooth brush bags, and more 😀 I am despised in 4 continents and countless countries.

    One thing I do find convenient, though: take your painkillers, allergy meds, stomach aids and all other over-the-counter drugs you need. People in that part of the world have some hardy-ass immune/gut systems. The drugs are either fake or too strong. Either way, you’ll hurt.

    Share details about the upcoming trip as soon as you can!

  2. cigaal

    first off, congrats OM. secondly Aya cracked me up with her medical-kit LOL there’s an old somali community there dating back from over a century ago – indianized of course. just eat your chapatis and lots of basbaas and you should be good to go LOL

  3. Om

    Thank you friends!

    Aya, you know I’m on a budget so I can’t afford to pay $100 at the airline check-in, as it happened to my mom on her last trip to Africa (and that was BEFORE they jacked up the extra luggage check-in). I’m thinking of taking just one, big luggage and the two carry-on bags (backpack and laptop bag). Haha, you’re despised in 4 continents (that should be in your grave stone!):-)

    You know a friend gave me a great advice; he said eat anything and everything that comes your way because the only way to defeat bacteria and germs is to digest more bacteria and germ….I’m seriously considering it. Be prepared to read some violent diarrhea stories. I’m so not looking forward to that:-(

    Cigaal, I didn’t know there was an old Somali community living there, that is quite interesting. I should look into it. To be honest with you, I’m quite afraid of the overspiced food I’ll be treated with.

  4. Cigaal is actually right. There is a thriving Somali Community in India that has been there for more than a century and half now. They were originally brought in by the British Raj to serve one of the Indian rulers of the state after majority of his troops deserted him. Hyderabad also has many Somali Students studying in that city.

    Hyderabad should be fun. There is a lot to see and people are quite friendly and warm. Make sure you check out the Mughal Gardens at Ramoji. As a college student, you will find the standards of living at Hyderabad quite cheap, especially, when compared to North America or Europe.

    About spicy foods, ain’t nothing like a Hyderbadi Biryani 😛

    Best of luck with your travels. I am sure you will treasure the memories for years to come.

  5. Well, an adventure awaits. Fabulous. Your gut won’t thank you for it. I thought I’d escape the so-called Delhi-bug but oh-no, I was down before you could say, ‘Sh*t’. Have fun 🙂 And do blog about it.

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