An Obama Administration and the Horn

Now that the dust has settled and we’ve all had a chance to either celebrate or not, let us ponder what this change in the White House may mean for the Horn of Africa. Granted, America’s overall foreign policy philosophy will not change, regardless of the Change Mantra we have gotten use to. Starting with the positives: an Obama Administration means diplomacy will have a significant role in bringing the warlords-led Transitional Federal Government and the opposition. Unlike Bush, Obama has the knowledge and pragmatism that many of the problems in Somalia require.

The negatives, however, maybe more than the positives – at least right now. Will President Obama reject anything that has to do with the Union of Islamic Courts? Will the same mentality in the State Department that has brought us such policies as handing out cash to warlords continue to prevail in Obama’s policy towards the Horn? Or will Obama’s two year stint in the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee give him an insight to develop a new course for the Horn? These are the $64,000 questions. For the first time since 1993, we Somalis should be optimistic for the future and expect some changes for the Horn’s gangsters, Abdillahi Yusuf & Meles Zenawi.

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One thought on “An Obama Administration and the Horn

  1. cigaal

    Hi Om.
    Dua la kuku halimpati mwewe (The prayers of the hen never deters the kite, so goes a swahili saying). How many presidents have changed guards?
    Both Condolesa Rice and Jendayi Frazer, however black they appear, they were never equipped to do diplomacy. Their credentials are from the security business (i.e. militarism) and that’s all they accomplished. The somalia case is not any different from all the other cases in africa. A failure of diplomacy.
    Let’s hope the Obama administration will have other goals, as militarism has completely bankrupted the US. They’ll have no other option I think.
    For the somalis, they should learn from their brethren in Somaliland, and build their society from the bottom-up. The fake negotiations conducted by IGAD and other outsiders, is just what it is. The terrorists acts by al-shabab is also despicable. I am particularly angry at whoever terrorized innocent civilians in Hargeisa recently. Peace is a precious thing.

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